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The Heights Catering pride itself on designing personalized and innovative menus with a focus to deliver the best gastronomic experience for your employees & guests. As a professional office catering in Houston, TX, they can help ensure a smooth, stress-free office or corporate event.

Special corporate or office or thanksgiving events are incomplete without good food and drink! The Heights Catering understands the essentiality and provides personalized office catering in Houston, TX. For them, corporate & office events are the most exclusive events. They make certain that every element is planned attentively and according to your preferences and ideas. The Heights Catering is a multi-award-winning caterer with reasonable rates. The quality and presentation of their food are among the best in the industry. They are proud of their menus that are filled with exquisite entrées for all tastes. They are backed by celebrated chefs that can craft a premium quality menu for your corporate event or office meeting, thanksgiving office catering, or any small or big office Catering that needs a wide range of tastes. The Heights Catering guarantees outstanding food and their attentive team looking into the other aspects of your office catering to lessen the burden off your shoulder.

Your thanksgiving office catering or office Catering becomes much easier when you join hands with The Heights Catering. They specialize in designing special menus for your corporate or office, or thanksgiving events. They love the opportunity to customize a menu that fit your vision and helps make your event one to remember. Their expert catering team stands side by side with you throughout the event to ensure that your interests are protected. They are the leading office & thanksgiving catering in Houston, strive to offer the best & save you in every step of your celebration. They can suggest the best office catering options to suit your style, theme, preference, and the number of guests. They ensure that all your office event requirements are met completely.

“We love catering corporate events in Houston, whether they’re small or large. We have a lot of experience catering events of all kinds. Whether you are planning a large corporate event, office party thanksgiving reception, or any type of party, we would love the opportunity to customize a menu to fit your vision and help make your event one to remember. We strive to give our best catering service to make your corporate event elegant, fun, beautiful yet inspiring. Our team is well aware of the magnitude this day holds making your corporate or office event planning a reality. We place a premium on rigorous planning and ensuring that every aspect is tailored to your preferences and vision. Our expert chefs provide a premium quality menu for your corporate or office, or thanksgiving events. We strive to do the best & capable to cater a wide range of tastes. Outstanding food and attentive team guaranteed at The Heights Catering.” – says a spokesperson at The Heights Catering.

About the company

The Heights Catering owned by Chef Brian Daoud is a premier boutique catering & event service in Houston, TX. They provide World-class cuisine and quality office & corporate catering in Houston and surrounding areas. Their food is an art form inspired by events, themes, special moments, and surroundings. To know more about The Heights Catering, visit