pizza oven

Pizzas are guaranteed to taste much better whenever they’re cooked in a commercial pizza oven. A commercial pizza oven is especially built to improve the cooking process of quality pizzas. Every component of this vital piece of kitchen equipment is designed to save time while assuring that pizzas retain their flavour.

A high speed commercial pizza oven can be persistently used for long periods of time at a right temperature that’s needed for optimal production of large volumes of consistently cooked pizzas. Anyone who needs their pizzas within minutes will surely benefit from powerful commercial pizza ovens that cooks quickly at high temperatures.

No matter how good your commercial pizza oven is it do breakdown and malfunction at times. And when your commercial kitchen’s pizza oven needs maintenance or repair you need professional help instead of testing your DIY skills.

“We are a professional commercial pizza oven repair service provider for the Vancouver, Fairview, Portland, Oregon City and Damascus region. We promise to keep you rolling in the dough & making pizzas 24×7. We repair all commercial gas or electric pizza ovens, and possess years of experience with pizza oven repair on all major brands.From the most complicated of issues in your commercial pizza oven, to a simple machine cleaning, we have you covered!Whether your pizza oven’s pilot light won’t stay lit or the woven is failing to make correct temperature, we would love to fix things out as soon as possible, so that your food business can back on track within minimal downtime. Irrespective of the issue you’re having with your pizza oven, you can rest assured our certified technicians have encountered the same problem, and had a solution” said a spokesperson for Rox Services.

About the company:

Rox Services is a Portland based full-service commercial food appliance repair service provider that specializes in repairing and maintaining all types of commercial appliances, ranging from ice makers to oven to dishwashers.