Plain Wings Tours & Safaris is a tour and travel company based in Kenya specializing in offering quality tours and safaris at reasonable prices. They love to organize Mombasa safari tours for tourists wanting to visit Mombasa and explore the flora & fauna in Kenyan!

Plain Wings Tours & Safaris offers fully supported Mombasa safari tours for all safari adventure enthusiasts. They are experienced tours and travel companies that love to organize safari holiday tours for tourists and provide quality Kenya safari tours that match any budget. They organize Mombasa safari tours after thorough groundwork by professional tour guides and consultants. They work with the objective to make the vacationers realize their travel dreams. They strive to perform best and let you enrich your dream vacation with untapped peculiarity. They brought together the combination and synergies of expert participants in the hospitality, public relations, and travel industry. With this, they develop and deliver the most efficient and perfect services possible.

Safari tours are all about new experiences. No matter where you’re going in Kenya, Plain Wings Tours & Safaris allows you to get a natural feel of the safari and African culture. Suppose you want to arrange a tour with an independent guide or search for a Certified local safari tour & travel management company in Mombasa. In that case, Plain Wings Tours & Safaris can provide an exceptional companion to share the journey. They make you conversant with wildlife, landmarks, Kenyan wildlife destinations, wildlife, culture through their Mombasa safari tours. They specialize in custom & pre-planned safaris tours for groups or individuals in Kenya and global travelers. Plain Wings Tours & Safaris try to give you something above just game viewing. They strive to understand exactly what your dream is and what they could do to turn your Mombasa safari tours into an unforgettable adventure!

“As one of the leading Kenya safari company, we offer exclusive Mombasa safari tours & safari packages that let you to immerse yourself in the incredible wilderness and superb game-filled national parks of Kenya. Our expert team & tour guide will lead you through some of the most off-the-beaten-track. We let you get interact with the extraordinarily diverse, exciting and beautiful part of the world! Our Mombasa safari tours & safari packages are absolutely affordable and customizable and can be tailored as per your preference, budget and convenience. Our driver/ guides are friendly, patient and well informed on where to spot Africa’s Big Five, another adventure to make the trip memorable. We are equipped with vast experience and our expert local knowledge about East Africa &our traditional warm hospitality assures you make your trip as fabulous as the destinations you visit,” said a spokesperson of Plain Wings Tours & Safaris.

About the company

Plain Wings Tours & Safaris is one of the top-rated safari tour and travel management companies in Kenya which is founded & run by some East African locals. They have dedicated and highly experienced staff, safari guides, to help every traveler enjoy the memorable Mombasa safari tours.