31st March 2020 – The typical large Indian wedding begins with a bang and, to no one’s surprise, ends with a bang! There’s so much involved in a traditional Indian wedding that the entire occasion would look drab if one detail wasn’t executed perfectly. When the ceremonies, speeches, dances, and even food are presented with such distinction and photographed properly, it will all remain remarkable and become unforgettable. There is glitz, there is glamour, and a pool of positive and heartfelt emotions. Still, there is much more to be captured in an Indian wedding and to capture all the activities & excitements, you’ll need a professional Indian wedding photographer.

To be a professional Indian wedding photographer, one does not have to be Indian. An Indian wedding photographer should be extremely familiar with Indian rituals and customs to ensure that the bride and groom are being properly documented at the right times. No matter the race or religion of the photographer, as long as he or she is familiar with the tradition of this type of wedding, they will be able to properly capture the essence of the special event. Indian weddings are elaborate & grand affairs, and to some extent, complex. There is so much to be done in so little time; it requires great time management skills and quick thinking of the photographer because after all, no wedding is ever the same. The majority of Indian nuptials span across five days which entails that an astonishing amount of special moments will be collected in-camera. Rest assured that a professional Indian wedding photographer will compile a beautiful selection of photographs combining the most candid shots with the most sentimental ones. Professional Indian wedding photographers such as the ones at Peter Nguyen Studio really have a special talent for it!

“We do all kinds of Indian weddings, from Hindu weddings to Sikh weddings and others. Beyond photographing the most important wedding moments, our Indian wedding photographers in Southern California put a stress on capturing them with ingenuity. We’re always in search of reflections, fascinating foregrounds &backgrounds, and the perfect light in our photography. Our unique mixture of lighting techniques alongside out inventive post-production lets us produce beautiful, creative images for your Indian wedding. With an emphasis on vibrant light, connected moments, and a photo journalistic approach to your special day, we strive to not just meet your expectations but to surpass them. As we capture the fun, authentic, romantic and emotional moments of your wedding day we assure to make you smile and relish all the in between moments. If you’re looking for an Indian wedding photographer in Southern California to explore with, you are in safe hands” said a spokesperson for Peter Nguyen Studio.

Peter Nguyen Studio is a California based studio that specializes in photographing all kinds of weddings including Indian weddings. The studio’s works have been featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine, South Asian Bride Magazine, MaharaniWeddings.com, Smashing the Glass, and Destination I Do Magazine.

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