For a quiet & peaceful home, soft close toilet seats are a must. These are the best seats that you could have at home, which would offer you and your family noiseless days. With this kind of seat in your bathroom, you can be certain that you would feel better before and after you use the bowl.

Soft close toilet seats are made with top quality materials, especially the high impact plastic type. They’re made with one purpose in mind, to make bathroom use a quiet & relaxing experience. One must feel the comfort that a bathroom offers. There’s no sense in going to the bathroom & having to worry about so many things like making certain that it doesn’t make a slamming noise as you leave or when you are not able to position it well upon lifting the cover. It isn’t only adults that are safeguarded by these seats, but also young kids. Younger kids couldn’t always remember to be very cautious when opening & closing the toilet cover, which could actually lead to different injuries.

For example, the edges of toilet seat covers are generally sharp. Yes, they mayn’t harm you if you touch them slowly. But if they graze your skin with a strong force, there’s a very big probability that your skin would get scratched. And, if you decode this possibility in young kids, the risk is truly high, most especially that their skin is softer than adults.

“Roca soft close toilet seats are a realistic quiet alternative to conventional toilet seats. The functional and modern design entails that these toilet seats close slowly in a controlled way without needing help. These seats are nearly impossible to slam, and won’t cause a loud clatter if you lose grip over them. In comparison to noisy conventional seats, a soft close seat produces nearly no sound, making them an excellent option to make sure privacy in your bathroom. The noiseless feature of these seats is handy for households with small kids who’ve particular issue with closing seats correctly without losing their grip. Roca soft close toilet seats are found to be useful in families where late night bathroom visits are a regular occurrence” said a spokesperson for My Toilet Spares.

About the company:

My Toilet Spares is a leading supplier of high-quality toilet accessories from different brands including Roca soft close toilet seats.