A cleft palate is a deformity that happens when the infant is still in the womb. Simply said, it’s an opening in the roof of the mouth, either in front, the back, or both. Cleft palates happen when there are not adequate tissues for the area to completely form, or the tissue that grows doesn’t joint together as it should. The medical community believes the condition has a genetic component, as it emerges more frequently in Latinos, Asians, and Native Americans. Also, the possibility of the condition developing increases when a close relative has the same concern. Particular drugs, chemicals, and medicines that the mother is exposed to during pregnancy also could augment the risk.

To address a cleft palate, surgery is usually conducted in the baby’s first year of life. When this surgery is accomplished successfully, the child will have a much lower possibility of ongoing dental issues in their early childhood years. As the child grows, additional surgeries on the palate can help stabilize the teeth & gums and enhance any breathing or speaking issues. Every child’s condition is different, so it’s critical to consult with your child’s oral surgeon, dentist, and all other members of his or her treatment team to craft an intervention plan as early as the prenatal stage.

According to statistics, Lebanon is one of the nations with the highest incidence of cleft cases in the globe (one newborn in every 440 births), including Lebanese & non-Lebanese births.

“Plastic surgery has made things possible. Yes, we’re talking about the genetic deformities – cleft lips & palates, which can be treated easily by the cosmetic surgery procedures. People born with such abnormalities can lead a normal life after the surgery,” said a spokesperson for Ortho1Clinics.

Treating a child’s cleft palate successfully needs the input not just of an oral surgeon, but a wide range of specialists as well. The child’s dentist, speech therapist, orthodontist, audiologist & others all must come together to decide the ideal course of action for each individual case. Cleft palate surgery in Lebanon should be done by a team of specialist that is trained to deal with such cases.

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