Cleft palate is an opening in the roof of the mouth that’s present at birth. When a baby develops inside the mother, the left & right sides of the face and the roof of the mouth fuse together. Sometimes the two sides don’t fuse properly, making a gap, or cleft, in the palate. A cleft palate doesn’t entail that the palate is missing, though it looks like that. 


Left untreated, a baby born with a cleft palate may encounter issues with growth, feeding, hearing, ear infection, and speech development. It’s essential to fix the cleft early, generally between 6 and eighteen months of age. Cleft palate surgery can correct the palate, with the goal of accomplishing intelligible speech. Fortunately, every child born with a cleft palate can lead a healthy, happy life once the cleft has been fixed by a qualified surgeon. 


“Today a baby born with a cleft palate or without cleft lip shouldn’t be considered as ill-fated, because surgical repair of cleft palate has reached a highly satisfactory level. Cleft Palate surgery in Lebanon should be conducted by a team of specialists that have the knowledge to deal with such cases. Key staffs in such a team are orthodontists, plastic surgeon, speech therapist, and pediatric medical physician, and a social worker. The main goals of surgical intervention are usual speech, reducing growth disturbances, and instituting a competent velopharyngeal sphincter. The goal of a Cleft Palate surgery in Lebanon is to close the gap between the nose and mouth, help create a palate that works well for speech, and prevent liquid and food from leaking out of the nose” said a spokesperson of Ortho1Clinics.


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