The number of adult patients seeking orthodontic treatment is increasing rapidly. It will enhance the demand for aesthetic orthodontics introduced to the market. Ortho1Clinics bring the ultimate lingual orthodontic treatment in Lebanon to correct most orthodontics problem. This system consists of specially designed brackets that are suitable to be placed or bonded in the lingual surface of the teeth. Their lingual braces are excellent for the majority of patients of different ages and who wish to have some more discreet orthodontic treatment. Ortho1Clinics provide custom made brackets that allow invisible braces to be worn by both teens and adults. It not only offers aesthetic benefits but improves the overall dental health of patients. They care about you and want you to have the perfect smile!

Lingual orthodontics is a component of general orthodontics. It is subjected to correct patient selection and diagnosis. Ortho1Clinics is backed by advanced technology related to appliance design and laboratory procedures. They have the best orthodontist that are specialists and received extra training to obtain skills in the diagnosis, correction, and management of teeth alignments. They will bond it to the inside surface of the teeth, next to the tongue instead of the upper surface. Hence the brace can barely be seen when you smile. Their lingual orthodontic treatments are suitable for those clients with client-facing jobs. If you wish to have an attractive smile, then trust in Ortho 1 Clinic as their lingual braces orthodontic treatment could be the ideal option for you.

“A large number of patients inclined to feel more self-conscious while wearing traditional lingual braces. We wish to deliver all our patients to have a positive orthodontic experience. We ensure you remain comfortable and well informed throughout the treatment procedure. We love to treat both adults and children and understand their different needs and requirements. We bring the latest lingual brace technology for lingual orthodontic treatment in Lebanon. Although it is too closely linked to the conventional braces providing excellent control over the tooth and it is hardly visible. Our lingual orthodontic treatment is extremely effective at straightening teeth since we use the conventional method of brackets and arch wires. We provide tailor-made lingual orthodontic treatment based on the requirement of clients that fit perfectly into the mouth. It will surely enhance the comfort of patients while wearing lingual braces. Lingual braces are more difficult to install and adjust. For this, we hire expert orthodontists who are not only qualified but take special training and education to provide the best service to patients. If you think that lingual braces might be a good fit for you then talk to our experts at a lingual orthodontic treatment clinic in Lebanon today! We are happy to provide the information which will help you decide if lingual braces are the best option for you! We assure you get the best outcome for you and your smile!” Say the spokesperson for Ortho 1 Clinic.

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Ortho1Clinics is a leading lingual orthodontic treatment clinic in Lebanon that strives to stay up to date with the latest treatment procedure and orthodontic technologies. They are passionate about providing the most aesthetic treatment you deserve.


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