Toilet seat buffers are small plastic pieces that offer a cushion between the seat & the toilet itself. These inexpensive replacement items not just help you in cleaning your toilet seat but also help in preventing permanent damage to the toilet. Generally, the buffers in toilet seat get damaged or wear out due to continuous use. Worn out toilet seat buffers should be replaced immediately for the much needed convenience. With worn out buffers you’ll find it tough to sit on the toilet. In fact using a toilet seat without the buffers can slowly damage your toilet seat to a great extent. Later it could result in a costly toilet seat replacement. Luckily, by replacing the buffer timely you can save yourself from costly damage or replacement cost.

“If you are looking to buy toilet seat buffers online we got your needs covered. As a leading supplier of bathroom and toilet fittings we stock everything required to make toilets convenient to use. We offer toilet seat bumpers that are an easy alternative to replacing an entire toilet seat. They feature a sturdy rubber construction that provides strength & durability that help guard and protect your toilet seat. These bumper replacement pads are able to replace toilet seat lid snap-in, screw-in, and tack bumpers. Our toilet seat buffers work with most makes & models of toilet seats, but works best with a toilet seat that has a smooth surface” said a spokesperson for My Toilet Spares.

All our toilet seat buffers are designed to replace missing or worn out toilet seat bumpers. To make the right purchase of a suitable toilet seat buffer, visit our site now! We have toilet seat buffers from different brands and in different price segment.


About the company:

My Toilet Spares is an UK based online retailer that specialized in supplying a wide range toilet spares and parts at a competitive price.