Boucherouite rugs were made by the Berber people in Morocco, which can be traced back to Paleolithic times. These unique Moroccan rugs are highly popularized, and it is found that it has a steady growth in Western countries in recent years. It protects the Berber communities from the harsh climate, which involves both snow in the mountains and sandstorms on the plains. Moroccan Carpet is a brand name based in Morocco takes the initiative to bring such exclusive range of Moroccan Boucherouite rugs for customers worldwide. They offer unique rugs and offer customers a small glimpse into the history of different rug and its origins.

Moroccan Carpet offers an extensive collection of hand-selected vintage rugs and carpets from various Moroccan regions and tribes. These combine with typical traditional Berber knots to transform the bright accents colored scraps to create vibrant and strong Boucherouite rug pieces. Their geometric, abstract, or tribal designs can provide a captivating centerpiece for any room. Although Boucherouite rugs look quite similar to so many traditional shaggy rag rugs. Bu the Boucherouite rugs, they made and collect are entirely different. They are made by knotting recycled fabrics, mixed textiles, and wool with a skilled hand. It is a time-consuming process and takes years to master. The treasured skills of weaving , knotting and dying have been passed from mother to daughter within the Berber tribes.

“Twentieth-Century vintage Moroccan rugs and newer contemporary styles adorn many household floors whilst some rugs are hung as wall pieces so that their artistic attributes can be admired. Whether you live in a lavished palace or villa or apartment, with so many beautiful color choices and designs, our Moroccan Boucherouite rugs will surely fit your space! We believe that your home interior should be filled with a product backed by thousand years craft & stories so that the true beauty of objects can be appreciated. Our talented team is specialized in making vintage pieces of Boucherouite rugs that are ready to incorporate into modern day interiors. We love to claim the beauty of such genuine Morrocan rugs by giving them a life as unique cushions for your home decor. We also offer tailored alternatives that fit the specific size requirements. We believe that it is by understanding the story of these rugs that their true value and beauty can be appreciated. A visit to our online showroom can be a wonderful trip to experience the Berber environment. It’s our mission to spread our traditional craft to as amny home around the world for which wehandpick the Moroccan rugs, one by one, that give us that same butterfly feeling. So as to you!” Say a spokesperson for Moroccan Carpet.

About the company

Moroccan Carpet was born out with a passion and desire to showcase handcrafted Berber textile and products’ artistic beauty. The talents of master artisans can be celebrated and encouraged. They work to explore the genuine, vintage and traditionally woven Moroccan Berber craft to people worldwide.