With so many patterns, styles out there, finding the perfect rug to suit your needs can feel a bit daunting!So, you can trust Moroccan Carpet to see some of the original and unique BeniMguild rugs for your home. Moroccan Carpet is proud to have extensive knowledge of the history and intricate design processes behind Morocco BeniMguild rugs and carpets. They like to share with you the different styles of rugs they showcase! Moroccan Carpet is a brand born out of love for Moroccan carpets and textiles. Founded by AbdelghaniHammoud, the third generation of a Moroccan Berber artisan family located in the Middle Atlas Mountains. They have been weaving and collecting numerous Moroccan textiles for almost three decades. They are passionate about Berber weavings’ artistic expressions and beautiful craftsmanship and also fell happy to offer it to people worldwide.

BeniMguild rugs may not be the most colorful or most shocking by any means. The magical patterns woven, and the texture was something playful and sophisticated. Moroccan Carpet offers a curated collection of handmade, vintage Moroccan rugs, including Beni Mguildrugs and make their significant presence in the global market. They produce, collect& sell genuine and one piece Moroccan Rugs &carpet, assuring that it will truly bring life back into space! The primitive, rustic qualities of each BeniMguild rug fit best in your homes and remain excellent for contemporary interiors as well! At the same time, it keeps your room warm.

“You probably lived with some beautiful rugs. But nothing can equate our Moroccan BeniMguild rugs’ beauty and feeling and its presence in any room. We assure you that our genuine BeniMguild rugs can truly bring life back into space! We use local sheep’s wool and local vegetable dyes for making the rugs. All our Moroccan rugs, including BeniMguild rugs, are usually made up of 100% wool and traditionally woven by the women from the Berber community in Atlas Mountain. Moroccan rugs range from graphically dense to monochrome, incorporating bright, saturated shades and natural, muted tones. The dynamic, gestural patens, symbols are a common feature within rugs and are a time-intensive process. They’re often very fanciful and imaginative. This is an ancient weaving art that women pass down to the next generation for thousands of years. For us, the rugs and carpets served as floor coverings, beds, seating, and blankets for keeping cozy and warm in the Atlas Mountains during the winter months. We strive to bring such traditionally weaved products to reach more people around the world. If you want to see what we’ve sourced or need few for your home, then we offer you numerousBeniMguild rugs’ collections! Say a spokesperson for Moroccan Carpet.

About the Company

Moroccan Carpet is proud to have extensive knowledge of the history and intricate design processes behind the Morrocan carpets and rugs, and other home accessories. They spent generations working with the Berber people in Morocco. They weave in-house designed rugs, source one-of-a-kind vintage rugs, and share the wonderful world of Berber rugs with you!