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When you think about home redesigning in IL, the idea of granite countertops comes to your mind for the first instance. However, quartz is increasingly gaining popularity as a countertop’s product in recent years. There are various benefits of having a quartz countertop, and Mega Stone is the ideal showroom and workshop to have quartz countertops products in IL. Let us understand why it is prudent to have quartz countertops and depend on Mega Stone to have such products.

The quartz countertops that you can have from Mega Stone are a man-made stone surface compound. It has 90% quartz and 10% silicon to manufacture a highly compact rigid and heavy nonporous sheet, enabling it to have all the benefits of quartz. Furthermore, the durability of the countertops is ideal as you may be banging pots, pans, knives, and plates on them. Moreover, having such a countertop, you will not have a fear of having scratches, chips, and stains. Once expert technicians from Mega Stone install the quartz countertop at your place, it will last for years and make it possible to enjoy the benefits of having a durable countertop.

One of the spokespersons of Mega Stone said, “Due to our manufacturing process, the quartz countertops of ours have a nonporous surface. There will not be any hole or cracks through which spills or liquids can soak in. This is one of the benefits of having quartz countertops products in IL from us. Moreover, there will not be any fear of having stains and it will be more hygienic than any other countertops. As there will not be any cracks or holes, it will be difficult for bacteria or virus to make a home in your countertop. As the surface will be smooth and nonporous it will be easier to clean and have a disinfected countertop.”

It is also possible to have countertops made of other natural stones from Mega Stone. If you have granite or concrete countertops, there will be the requirement of sealant or wax on the top. However, quartz countertops do not have that requirement. So, it is easier to maintain a quartz countertop. There will not be any requirement of having an intense scrubbing session as you have to when you have countertops of other materials. A simple cleaning with a cloth and soapy water is sufficient to clean a quartz countertop.

As Mega Stone themselves manufactures the quartz countertops, it is not only durable but also available in a wide range of colors and aesthetics. The wide variety makes it possible for you to match the countertop with your existing home décor. It is possible to have colors like lime green, natural brown, or even dark black. They also make it possible to have a variety of finishes on the countertops.

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