Indie Project Store, a growing e-commerce platform that offers high-quality yet affordable bibs for babies online.

Indie Project Store Supplies High-Quality Yet Affordable Bibs For Babies Online

No one will ever refuse that sleeping time & mealtime for babies are pretty important, and, in the beginning, these activities take the most time of their first days and months. Consequently, a baby bib & baby burp cloths are what they require daily in great amounts. And if you’re looking for a good newborn gift, you might like the idea of presenting a baby bib in a newborn baby gift basket.

Bibs are of course an essential item of every baby’s wardrobe & are required from the very early days to safeguard clothes from the dribbling you get from all babies as they go through weaning and all the other actions which result in the resurfacing of foods & liquids.

Babies & toddlers dribble a lot of salivae particularly when they are going through the teething stage. When they move on to solids the game of squeezing the food back out through closed lips begins. Regardless of how hard you try to get all the spoon-fed food into the toddler’s mouth, there’ll always be plenty on the bib by the end of mealtime. You should always have a good supply of bibs & change them after every meal.

“Shopping for baby bibs online is now easy, thanks to Indie Project Store. We take pride in offering bibs for babies online that are comfortable, colorful and easy to use. All out baby bibs are easy to wash by hand or in a washing machine, and they don’t change shape even after several washes. Being a reputed online baby & kid store, we stock some of the best bibs for babies from top brands. Whether you are looking for printed bibs or bibs with solid color patterns, we have it all for at a pocket-friendly price. Believe us your baby will enjoy wearing these soft & comfortable bibs during mealtime. The bib set is also a nice gift for a newborn” said a spokesperson for Indie Project Store.

About the company:

Indie Project Store is a unique online portal that makes and curates kids & lifestyle parenting products from homegrown labels all over India. Started as a Kids apparel brand in 2017, today this online store showcases an elaborate range of locally produced, handmade, sustainable kids & lifestyle parenting products from multiple women entrepreneurs, NGOs, and social enterprises.