Our home is the most valuable asset we possess and invest in. Therefore, keeping it up to date and in its best condition becomes our first priority. And when it comes to residential maintenance and updates, electrical system upgrades and lighting system maintenance are vital. As far as electrical system maintenance is concerned taking the help of professional residential electrical contractors is highly recommended. When talking about residential electrical contractors in West Palm Beach, Florida, American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC stands out and offers the most professional services.

Electrical contractors at American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC are renowned for providing the highest quality electrical contracting for every project they take into their hands, be it a small or large one. The residential electrical contractors at American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC specialize in installation, maintenance and repair services of home and landscape lighting systems. They are your one-stop solution for all residential electrical needs in West Palm Beach, Florida and surrounding areas. Their residential electrical services include:

Installation of motion activated lights for improving your home’s security by keeping watch for any prowlers and deters them when the lights turn on suddenly.

Installation, maintenance and repair of garden lighting systems ranging from cordless lamps, running a rope light, updating with new trends, creating an illusion, creating a spellbinding canopy to lighting upstairs with paper bag lanterns and more.

Their features include:

  • String Lighting
  • Pool Lighting
  • Orbs and Spheres
  • Lanterns
  • High-end Bucket Truck
  • Landscape Lighting

Moreover, their residential electrical contractors will help you in cutting down your electrical bills efficiently by installing energy-efficient LED lights and all kinds of connections along with floor heating installation. So get your home in West Palm Beach upgraded with latest and energy-efficient electrical solutions by American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC.

“Our Electrical Contractors provides the highest quality electrical contracting to every project we take on, whether it be large or small. Maintain your Lighting System with our annual services with a discount. Keeps your lighting system shine. You invest money for your beautiful lighting system. We made to both your home and landscape make you wonder how you ever lived before the lights. We at American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC strive to provide the best possible lighting solutions that are energy efficient as well as appealing. Our residential electrical contractors are trained under professional environment which makes them more reliable.” – says a spokesperson at American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC.

About the Company:

American Lighting & Electrical Services LLC has been serving the lighting and electrical needs of South Florida. They have 40 years of combined experience specializing in lighting maintenance, electrical repairs, lighting replacement, and upgrades for residential as well as commercial properties. To know more visit https://www.americanlightingusa.com/

Contact Information:

American Lighting & Electrical Services

Website: https://www.americanlightingusa.com/

Phone: 561-689-4854

Email: contact@americanlightingusa.com