Purging Material

UNICLEANPLUS™, a well-known purging solution provider offers highly reliable purging materials for injection molding, blow moulding and extruders.

A purging compound is a resin-based material designed to clean all primary plastic machine (blow molding machine, injection molding machine and extruders) which are widely used in the plastic parts manufacturing process for a broad spectrum of industries, including but not limited to medical, consumer, automotive, and many others. A purging material found to be very effective in removing black specks or contaminants from the machinery.

If plastic processors fail to properly purge between color change and/or material change, there is a possibility of black specks or streaking to cause newly manufactured components to be rejected. Faulty parts & machine downtime can be very costly to the manufacturer. A high-quality purging compound for plastic is composed of resin pellets blended with proprietary materials and can work with different manufacturing processes & temperatures.

CPCs are used to clean barrels, screws, nozzles, and extrusion dies. Moreover, some commercial purging compounds are specially formulated to clean hot runner systems. Regular purging of thermoplastic process equipment with the use of a quality CPC can eradicate the need to pull a screw to clean it manually. If pulling the screw is a part of your maintenance program, the use of a top-notch commercial purging material before pulling the screw can make the process simpler.

“Our purging materials are formulated for a wide range of purging processes and can be used for a variety of applications. Our reliable purging compound can have a significant impact on lowering the scrap rates, improving processing efficiency, and assuring the right equipment maintenance. With our purging products you are certain to see an increase in labor and equipment uptime that lets your organizational assets fully leveraged and improves the manufacturing process. Our uniquely formulated purging materials and products are highly useful for thermoplastics applications such as injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding” said a spokesperson for UNICLEANPLUS™.

About the company:

UNICLEANPLUS™ is a leading name when it comes to providing highly effective purging solutions for applications like automotive parts, house wares, blow molding, medical molding, wire extrusion, and packaging. The company is also offering Purging Compounds Free Sample if you want to give their products a try before large volume order.

Source from: www.prsync.com