Purging Compounds Free Sample

For having the best purging compound, it is wise to depend on UNICLEANPLUS and follow the steps they explain.

Purging is a compulsory activity that most moulders will need to execute as part of the standard maintenance plan when there is resin build-up in machinery or there is a mandatory change in materials colour. The working of purging compounds is in numerous diverse ways, including chemical or mechanical cleaning. The purging process requires a high level of skill and professionalism to confirm the elimination of any unsolicited resin from the barrel assembly. An appropriate purging plan can assist moulders in diminishing downtime and decreasing scrap rates.

UNICLEANPLUS specialises in offering the best purging material for injection moulding and has the ability to guide users on the correct process of using it.

Their high-quality purging compound is easy to use in the injection moulding process. It is possible to eliminate burned streaks, foreign contaminants, un-melted resins, and tarnished leftovers from the barrel. It is possible to have ready to use compounds from them and so it is easy to use and saves time.

One of the spokespersons of UNICLEANPLUS said, “It is possible for injection molders to have various benefits using our purging compound. It is possible to lessen scrap parts, have lesser accumulation of carbon in the barrel, and complete removal of colour which may be hanging in the barrel. Not only that it is possible to lessen the colour changing time and the time for the overall changeover. So, it is possible to lessen downtime.”

They also said their compound is ideal for scheduled maintenance purges and moulds with hot runners. Their compounds are even safe to use if acidic fumes release during purging, as their compounds can counteract that.

They also explained how to purge machines used for plastic injection moulding. It is necessary to ensure that all zones have the proper temperature as required depending on the type of their compound used. They also detailed the mechanical steps to follow during the purging process to have the best result.

If you have decided to use their purging material for injection mouldingyou can contact them to have trail samples. Then, if you feel satisfied after using the test sample, you can order in bulk quantities.


UNICLEANPLUS can be your reliable partner when you desire to have the best quality purging compounds. They are customer-centric in their approach and have a well-planned R&D team to make it possible to have the best purging compound according to your requirements. Call +91 9021232809 to have a trial sample or place your order in bulk quantity.