TRAIN2INVEST, a prominent investment Education & Training Corporation that talks about why investors are inkling to invest on the TSX.

Canada is recognized across the globe for its mining industry and enormous natural resources, which lures international investors. Though the country has a wide range of stock exchanges, the most recognized is the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) – one of North America’s largest stock exchanges in terms of listing and the 8th largest in the globe in terms of market capitalization. Given Canada’s widespread natural resources, the Toronto Stock Exchange accommodates more energy and mining firms than any other exchange in the globe. These securities features not just common stock but also ETFs, investment funds, split share corporations and income trusts, which brings many different investment options for international investors.

The TSX is open from 9:30am until 4:00pm, with a post-market session from 4:15 until 5:00pm. Eastern Time on all days of the week beside Saturdays, Sundays and holidays announced by the exchange beforehand. These trading hours put it on par with US stock exchanges such as the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange.

As of 2017, the TSX consisted of more than 1,500 firms, worth a total of $1.77 trillion in market capitalization. While most of these firms are based on Ontario, a significant part of the exchange’s market capitalization also comes from Alberta, because of the region’s opulence natural resources such as gas and oil. The requirements for listing on the TSX differ based on the kind of firm looking for a listing. For example, mining firms have to fulfill certain property, work programs, and working capital needs prior to listing, whereas gas and oil firms have only working capital & financial requirements that must be fulfilled to be eligible for the exchange.

“Investors who are interested in learning to trade on the TSX will find our programs more than handy. The TSX is one of North America’s most active and diverse financial marketplaces. Individuals who are interested in investing in TSX can join our program to learn the ABCD of investment. We’ve a team to help you on your journey – learn how to trade at your own pace. With us you will learn the art and science of self-directed investing with the foundation based on capital preservation” said a spokesperson of Train2Invest.

Introduced in 2004, TRAIN2INVEST is North America’s prominent investment Education & Training Corporation that has trained stock market education to thousands of families across Canada.

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