Train2Invest, a leading investment education & Training Corporation talks about the benefits of self-directed investing.

The introduction of smartphones, computers and the internet have significantly changed the way we live our lives. Every industry has been impacted by these technologies and investing is no exception. Today, investors are avoiding costly wealth managers, instead following a self-directed investing approach and controlling their own financial future.

Earlier, anybody who wished to invest had to collaborate with a costly broker who’d execute trade for you in a variety of exchanges. However, the internet has significantly decreased trading costs while improving transaction speeds. Also, this has decreased the requirement for wealth managers & other pro advisors. A lot of investors today favour self-directed investing since the fees are on the lower side, and when conducted properly, the returns are higher.

Instead of paying a wealth manager one percent of your portfolio’s entire value every year plus fees and commissions to conduct a couple of trades for you, you make the decision what to invest in & why. This could be as straightforward as passive investing in 1 or 2 genuinely reliable index funds or as complicated as actively investing in a few individual stocks. The choice is all yours.

“Self-directed investing is not an overnight approach. It needs work and you’ve to learn how stocks work, how the market works, and how to discover good companies with good prices and great potential. Yet that is all achievable, without acquiring a degree in finance” said a spokesperson for Train2Invest.

If you are interested in investing in the Canadian market, we would love to help with TSX/RRSP/TFSA self-directed investing. We will train you how to build & manage your own investment portfolio. You will also be able to decide which investments they wish to buy & sell, and when. Our complete education & training program focuses on fundamental & technical analysis; risk analysis & management; and developing skills of execution for practically any trading circumstance. Since 2004, we have been giving stock market education to thousands of families across Canada. If you want to master the art of TSX/RRSP/TFSA self-directed investing, we would love to be your helping hand from start to finish.

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Introduced in 2004, Train2Invest is North America’s leading investment education & Training Corporation. Their main goal is to remove the fear associated with stock investing.

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