The Princess & The Platypus Foundation is the public charity that presents a unique opportunity to enthusiasts worldwide with an internet connection, a laptop and /or desktop computer to get instant access to the world of Princess Diana on The Princess Diana Museum online, a 3D virtual masterpiece.

The Princess & The Platypus Foundation, takes on a virtual tour to the Princess Diana Museum to experience and live the significant pieces from Princess Diana’s lifestyle. After her death, her personal belongings were sold at private auctions and available all around the world. That’s why The Princess & The Platypus Foundation is passionate to preserve her personal belongings and historical artifacts in one place i.e. The Princess Diana Museum. This wonderful museum stands out as a home to extension collections of over 1,700 most iconic, carefully curated, personal and historic artifacts from Princess Diana’s legacy. All of them are displayed in 3D interactive environment that includes everything belonging to Diana’s lifetime from early childhood through her teenage days until her untimely, tragic death.

This public charity foundation wants to depict the incredible lifestyle and legacy of Princess Diana. As soon as you enter the Princess Diana Museum, you will be accompanied by a virtual avatar who will guide you around the museum in English or Spanish language. There’s an exclusive community live video and chat feature available that enables visitors to share their personalized experiences in real time when they’re inside the Princess Diana Museum.

The primary objective of The Princess & The Platypus Foundation is to provide a virtual journey to the museum to unite people from all around the world and allow them to give back, help others in the community without any expectations and treat each other with so much love, affection and kindness just like Princess Diana once did. The Princess Diana Museum allows you to see over dozens of garments and clothing articles, including the never seen before shoes and dresses she wore as a baby, clothing she wore as a teenager and the iconic Versace Atelier dress she wore for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. It was even featured on “Diana Her Fashion Story” on loan to Kensington Palace for over two years.

“We provide a virtual guide in English and Spanish to guide you in your museum visit and live location maps to guide you on your virtual tour to enhance your overall experience. In addition, you’ll listen to dozens of exclusive personal interviews of many individuals and artists connected to the historical artifacts that are on display in the 14 galleries inside this one of a kind virtual online museum. Over 3,000 3D and 2D high resolution objects with a wealth of information and detail on every single object to dive deep into Diana’s life. Every person interviewed tells their own side of the story in their own words. It brings in a new life to every piece displayed in the museum. All of the artifacts are preserved beautifully and it’s truly a magical experience to hear Princess Diana’s legacy from her near and dear ones. For more information about our virtual tour packages, feel free to visit our website today”, says Livinio Stuyck, Board Member for The Princess & The Platypus Foundation.

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The Princess & The Platypus Foundation and The Princess Diana Museum is a public charity 501c3 dedicated to fundraise to acquire, loan, maintain, preserve, educate and display to the public items of historical and cultural interests related to Princess Diana. The Foundation continues to fund the expansion of The Princess Diana Museum and support activities of charitable and educational purposes endorsed by The Princess & The Platypus Foundation. For more details, don’t hesitate to visit the foundation website right now at To buy discounted instant tax deductible access to the online museum please navigate to

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