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Born on July 1st, 1961 and died on 31st August, 1997, Princess Diana was an international style icon of the 1980s. Her looks & her life were the reflection of consistent work she did on herself as well as the development of her personality. As she matured, she became more attractive. She was indeed the most photographed woman in the entire globe.

During the years from her engagement to Charles until her premature death in a car mishap, Diana managed to win many fans & admirers. Her loss was sorely mourned by people across the globe who felt as though they had lost a treasured friend. Even though several years have passed since her death, Diana still has an influence & impact through the Princess Diana charity work programs.

The people’s princess’ tireless work on the behalf of several voluntary charity organizations helped to throw a spotlight on many of the problems that were being addressed by international volunteer work programs and was instrumental in motivating people around the world to donate their time, skills, effort, and money to good causes. The princess did much more than just raise funds for different charities; she compassionately served those in need & inspired countless people to follow her lead.

“The largest collection of people’s princess personal historical items in the globe presently on display, online 24/7. The Princess & The Platypus Foundation presents to you the only Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum that features more than 1,700 meticulously curated legendary, personal & historical artefacts spanning Diana’s lifetime from early childhood through her unfortunate demise. The virtual museum works perfectly with your internet broadband connection, any OS PC/Mac/iOS/ Android on any popular desktop, laptop or tablet internet browser. As soon as you enter the museum, a real time location map & virtual avatars will guide you through the Princess Diana 3D Virtual Museum in English or Spanish language. More than forty exclusive interviews with Diana’s friends, designers, artists and closest collaborators will present you a unique understanding of one of the biggest icons in modern history” said a spokesperson for The Princess & The Platypus Foundation.

The Princess Diana Museum and The Princess & The Platypus Foundation are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity whose mission is to fundraise in order to acquire, loan, maintain, preserve, educate and display to the public items of historical & cultural interest connecting to Princess Diana, and to give back to other charities in her honor.

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