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The Princess Diana Museum gives you access to take you on a 3D virtual museum tour to celebrate the supreme legacy of Princess Diana from her childhood to her tragic death.

The Princess Diana Museum is the public charity organization offering online access to discover the personal and historic artifacts belonging to the Princess of Wales Lady Diana. It’s the first and one-of-its-kind virtual platform offering access 24/7 without any requirement of special technical knowledge. Taking a virtual tour to The Princess Diana Museum you will find the historic items have been beautifully curated and photographed using the latest 2D and 3D technology and masterfully placed in a gorgeous 3D rendered environment. The latest photogrammetry and virtual reality (VR) techniques had been carefully applied to preserve the detail and craftsmanship of all these original historical artifacts. The main objective of The Princess Diana Museum  is to give the visitors the unique opportunity to immerse themselves and explore these beautiful iconic pieces up close from the comfort of their own home. This means, you will have access to The Princess Diana Museum whenever and wherever you want.

The incredible ever growing collection includes the displays of important pieces from Lady Di’s life. There are over 75 articles of clothes, never before seen shoes and dresses that she wore as a baby, as a teenager etc. In addition, you will see the most notable collection i.e. the iconic Versace Atelier dress that she wore for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. This iconic dress was even featured at “Diana Her Fashion Story” on loan to Kensington Palace for over two years. Once you’re inside the museum, a virtual avatar will appear and will guide you in English or Spanish as per your preferences throughout the tour. You will take a tour through the fourteen galleries showcasing never seen before clothes and historical artifacts from Lady Diana’s childhood days and throughout her lifetime. Besides, you will get to know a great wealth of carefully curated information related to her incredible collection and personal interviews with dozens of artists portrayed in the museum..

“Our Princess Diana Museum tour includes a live location map which will guide you through the entire tour. A community chat feature is present which allows you to interact with other museum guests in real time either through text, chat or video messages. When you buy access to The Princess Diana Museum, it will fund the expansion of the museum and support the activities related to the charitable and educational purposes endorsed by the Princess & the Platypus Foundation and the late Diana, Princess of Wales during her lifetime. For more information about our virtual museum tour access, feel free to contact us as soon as possible”, says a spokesperson for The Princess Diana Museum.

The Princess Diana Museum and The Princess & the Platypus Foundation are the public charity organizations. Their main objective is to fundraise to acquire, loan, maintain, educate, preserve and showcase the historic and cultural interest items relating to Lady Di, Princess of Wales to the public. For more information, please visit the website today at

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