It is not that you have to cancel your wedding planning due to the second wave of the COVID-19, as The Heights Catering has made it possible to have the best trends in a safe manner while organizing wedding catering in Houston.

The wedding planning has adapted remarkably to the COVID-19 pandemic. All, starting from couples to families, the wedding caterers to planners have realized the significance of prioritizing cleanliness in each step of the process. Similarly, The Heights Catering, the best Woodland Catering organization, ensures safety precautions to ensure the safety of hosts, guests, and their staff.

With all these precautions in place, food still holds the focal point of any wedding. The guest lists are getting shorter; couples are experimenting with different flavors, food, and serving methods to enhance the attraction of the wedding menu. The Heights Catering has stood by the side of couples in this challenging time and offered the best catering in Woodland, TX ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all.

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We have noticed that even before the pandemic, guests have started liking sit-down meals. They prefer to have a seat and not wait at the buffet line. Keeping this in mind and the norms of social distancing in place now, The Heights Catering makes it possible to have the best seating arrangements while serving delicious plates of food to guests. Moreover, they make arrangements so that members of a single family can sit at the same table and enjoy their food. Guests do not need to move to have their favored food in such an arrangement. The serving staffs bring food to individual tables, and guests can pick and choose according to their liking.

One of the spokespersons of The Heights Catering said, “While organizing wedding catering in Woodland we are very cautious about the safety of your guests. Hence we spread our snacks counter all over the wedding venue so that guests do not have to gather at a single counter to have their snacks. Moreover, we serve hot freshly made snacks so that there is no chance of contamination in the food. We try our best to incorporate variety in the snacks that we serve. We can arrange snacks from different continents to please the taste buds of guest.”

They also prefer to replace liquor with immunity-boosting drinks. They understand that liquor is a part of the wedding menu; however, keeping the pandemic condition in mind, they arrange for immunity-boosting drinks. They also take care that there are minimum touchpoints between guests and their staff. They prefer to serve foods in individually packed boxes and provide the cutlery along with the box. They also make sure that there is an adequate supply of sanitizers and gloves at every food station.

As the best wedding caterer in Woodland, they make sure to follow all safety rules as laid by local and national health organizations. In addition, they make sure that their staff wear masks and gloves and sanitize equipment and food stations regularly.

About The Heights Catering

The Heights Catering is reputed to offer quality food and customized food according to guests’ desires. Their passion is to satisfy guests’ culinary desires, and they do everything possible to do so. Starting from their chef to the serving staff share the same passion, so their catering is know all through Texas. Their designed and customized menu will make your guests enjoy their dinner and talk about it with others. Dial 832-444-9933 to discuss your wedding menu with them.