Princess Diana

The short-lived life of Princess Diana is full of action and drama. The Princess and The Platypus Foundation presents The Princess Diana Museum allowing us to know about her life in a 3D mode. The collections, narratives and interviews allow us to know about her life from the very beginning at the Althorp home to the grave at the same place where she lies in rest.

You can access the museum for a day and if you desire you can enjoy entering the virtual platform of the museum for a week or month by paying a certain charge. As you enter the museum you can have a look at the collections both new and old and have help from a virtual guide assisting you to visit the museum. There are over 1800 pieces of collections belonging to Princess Diana and new items are added daily from various parts of the world. The display is in a 3D interactive platform and will help you to travel through her incredible life and legacy.

One of the spokespersons of The Princess Diana Museum said, “It is possible to know about her life from her childhood days to her death when you visit our museum. We have meticulously collected collections of her belongings from all over the world and displayed those at the museum. We also have narratives and interviews of persons who were close to her from her childhood days till the end.

She was born in Althorp and spend her childhood and teenage days there before travelling out. The museum has collections of her personal belongings. All these belongings were distributed as charities to her friends and have now found their place at the museum.

Cara Collection is an amazing collection of items she gifted to a homeless mother in 1979 well before her marriage. These items are dresses, shoes, toys and games she played during her childhood days. You can have a look at her first manicure set, first preschool suitcases, cards and published books about her.

If you have a look at her teenage collections, you can have a full view of her lifestyle during those periods. You can have a view of her first amethyst friendship ring, a string of pearls presented by her granny, the hats and gloves she wore, and her cassette tapes and LP albums are also part of the collection.

You also need to visit the Raine Spencer Renovation and Poland Fund collections. The ski pants and the sweater that you notice on the display have a special story to tell. A visit to the museum will give you a view of various personal belongings that you have heard stories about.

The Princess Diana Museum is a 3D virtual platform museum giving you access to various personal belongings of Princess Diana. Be at their museum so that you can have a look at them.

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