Appliance Repair

There’s no denying that you can fix the fault in your refrigerator yourself! However, specific freezer & commercial equipment repairs are beyond cleaning the grills or unblocking the defrost drain and much more. Such works need specialized assistance to be fixed. You can have to trust Rox Services as they are dedicated to solving the problem related to commercial refrigeration units and other appliances. They understand the need of the situation and provide 24-hour emergency commercial freezer & equipment repair. Rox Services are always at your service any time, ensuring to resolve everything efficiently and promptly. They assure their customers will always receive one-on-one personal attention at a fair price!

If you bought your commercial refrigerator or any commercial freezer and need fixing, your first move should call an authorized professional. Hiring the commercial freezer repair service is crucial because it will keep the warranty valid. Refrigerators and commercial equipment are complicated appliances that include both electrical and plumbing components. Any faults in it will give rise to fire or blockage. On all these fronts, a professional repair from Rox Services is a bright idea. Their commercial equipment repair always entails your safety. They are trained and experienced in designing, installing, repairing, maintaining, and optimizing commercial equipment irrespective of its make and design.

“As your fridge ages, the likelihood of faults increases. Consequently, the repairs and proper maintenance will need an increasing number to keep your fridge running smoothly. The odds of needing another fix up go down the way is relying on our commercial equipment repair. At Rox Services, we understand that providing the best technical expertise to our customers is only part of the equation. We also know that delivering services efficiently, consistently, and time is critical to our customers’ business. It is this understanding that drives our persistent attention to all operational excellence. We assure your overall experience of doing business with us is as positive, consistent, and efficient as possible. We ensure good quality work and all equipment will be serviced by our highly trained technicians. Our commercial equipment repair team has deep knowledge and strong technical skills & technical resources to solve the customers’ specific issues right at the first time. Technology plays a significant role in providing the best possible customer experience. It’s why we invest a lot in training & latest technology to enhance the service quality and become a better business partner to you! We take pride in our performance & ability to fix issues on the first visit. All such things put together to make us proud to enjoy a long-standing relationship with the leading companies and industries in the metro Portland, Oregon area.” Says the spokesperson for Rox Services.

About the company

Rox Services is a leading appliance repair company fully equipped to fix commercial appliance issues in no time. They have vast experience in handling every kind of commercial equipment, freezer repair without spending a lot. They specialize in providing regular maintenance and repair services to ensure that all of your commercial appliances are working in top condition.