Proper food temperatures and Chilling your beverages are paramount to your business success. Climate control equipment keeps the food fresh. It becomes the driving force behind a successful food or restaurant or bars shop or departmental stores. While none of us like any hindrance in their business but it is sorry to say that you can’t stop it from happening. It is happening fast. Rox Services understand the necessity for better functioning commercial refrigeration units. They are keeping a positive attitude in bringing the best and faster solution for your business. Rox Services stock with all of the most common parts such as thermostats, fan motors, refrigerants, compressors, and switches in their service trucks. You can rest assure that the commercial refrigeration repair job will be done on the same day and is done with great pride and quality work.

The defective commercial refrigeration system is responsible for a significant portion of your electric bill. It is the business owner’s responsibility to make sure that the industrial refrigeration system is running efficiently. Rox Services is fully equipped with the parts you need and how to get it done right the first time! They provide exclusive commercial refrigeration repair in Portland, Oregon, and ensure it is done most efficiently to run at its peak performance. You will be delighted to make Rox Services as an affordable choice for your commercial refrigeration repair. They will surely meet your service criteria & requirement on time.

“We are the expert’s commercial refrigeration repair company in Portland, Oregon area. Commercial refrigeration repair is what we do it exceptionally! With a few simple questions, we can diagnose what is wrong with your refrigeration system. Don’t waste your budget on a new fridge without knowing the reason! With finest quality service expertise and dedication, we give our best while dealing with the commercial refrigeration repair in Portland, Oregon. We make sure your commercial refrigeration system is running well before we leave your business. We can provide a warranty on all our repair services. No matter the make or brand or size of the commercial refrigeration, we cover it all. Work on all of the manufactures. We take great pride in our ability to repair your restaurant equipment at a fair price and exemplary customer service. please do not hesitate to call our expert technicians if you ever have any issues about your commercial refrigeration unit.” Say spokesperson for Rox Services.

About the Company 

Rox Services is a reliable commercial refrigeration repair company in Portland, Oregon always focuses on the customer. They work with a goal is to set the standard for commercial refrigeration repair & maintenance in Portland, Oregon area.