Commercial Freezer Repair

If you own any food related business, it’s critical that you invest in the appropriate equipment so that you can offer your customers the best quality foods. The popularity of commercial freezers in Portland and across the globe is on the rise as these equipment have turned out to be a vital part of restaurant business and even stores that sell raw food materials including fruits, vegetables, milk products and meat.

Commercial freezers are often larger in size, operate at a cooler temperature, and have many more sections than a typical refrigerator used for domestic purpose. As they cool a larger space and run at a lower temperature, commercial refrigeration unit may undergo many wear and tear and may breakdown more frequently than your home refrigerator unit.

Even highly rated & most durable refrigeration brands may require repair, and so when you come across freezer maintenance problems, you’ve to know how to sort out the problems quickly, with the assistance of a professional commercial freezer repair service in Portland, Oregon.

Is your commercial refrigerator or refrigeration unit not powering up? Is your fridge freezing up, and is ice collecting throughout the unit? Are you experiencing problems with your refrigeration temperature? If yes, then it may be the time to look for professional commercial freezer repair service rather than trying to fix the problem by yourself.

“Commercial freezers are capable of preserving food at temperatures between – 10 and 0 degree Fahrenheit. According to the FDA, freezing food items at this temperature setting allows for safe storage by stopping the expansion of bacteria and germs. If your commercial freezer is facing issue in maintaining the right temperature or has another issue, we can promptly repair your freezer unit and help you avoid legal issues and damaged foods. Our factory trained technicians service commercial refrigerators, freezers, walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, ice machines, blast chillers, beer coolers and other commercial refrigerating appliances. As our trained technicians have worked with all makes and models of commercial refrigeration systems, they are capable of diagnosing and fixing the issues quickly” said a spokesperson for Rox Services.

About the company:

Rox Services is Portland’s leading name when it comes to commercial food appliance repair services. They serve a wide range of industries including retailers, restaurants, offices, fast food, hospitals, catering suppliers, etc.