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Times at present are unexpected due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you can let your restaurant equipment suffer. Since the food equipment remains ideal for two to three months due to shutdown hence hiring a food equipment repair company in Portland, Oregon, can be your best bet. You can rely on a trusted food equipment repair company like Rox Services in Portland, Oregon, for the job with confidence. If you want to ensure that your equipment is at its best shape to go for the summer, you must need a professional checkup before starting your business. The food equipment repair experts at Rox Services will do the necessary inspection and identify any repairs that need to be made. It will ultimately reduce the chance of a breakdown during food service.

One of the simplest ways to support commercial food equipment maintenance is to schedule a preventative repair and maintenance after the shutdown. It is wrong if you are tempted to ignore slight problems with your equipment after the COVID-19 situation, even if the food equipment appliance is working well. That’s a bad idea, as it can make you worry while you have considerable food demand from customers. From productivity to efficiency or utility, well-maintained equipment functions at its very best. Call the Rox Services food equipment repair team as soon as you notice anything wrong to avoid further complications or total equipment failure. They will undoubtedly help your foodservice professionals consistently deliver high-quality food to their customers

“Proper food equipment, sanitization, and practicing safe food preparation have always been an essential part of any restaurant industry. The shutdown due to COVID-19 has turned the industry on its head. It makes the restaurateurs rethink how to operate their kitchens at a full fledge. The first step we take into consideration is reducing the spread of COVID-19 and any other germs by thoroughly sanitize all of your equipment. We will do the proper maintenance of food equipment and make it last for longer. We recommend replacing older gear sooner rather than later, as aging equipment could fail at any moment. The spare parts are more dependable than what you currently have in your kitchen. Now the businesses are starting to pick to its previous position, and there’s never been a better time to schedule a food equipment repair in Portland, Oregon. We have a unique approach to each category of our service, and our innovative idea fueled us a great success for decades. Our team offers a wide range of kitchen equipment services to make your business bring back its previous clientele, from repairs to new equipment sales. Our technicians can identify small and emerging issues before they develop into larger or expensive issues. Hence we assist you to avoid the deferred maintenance cost and extend its life” Say a spokesperson for Rox Services.

About the company

Rox Service is a locally owned company that has earned an excellent reputation for quality service concerning commercial and restaurant equipment installation, service, and repairs. They provided food equipment sales and repair services and pride in the quality of their workmanship and customer service.