Equipment Repair

Restaurants are one of the leading businesses in the globe. The opening & success of a restaurant along with location and quality of the food also relies upon the commercial restaurant equipment. These equipment need to be effective, long lasting and must fit in the budget.

Selecting a firm for restaurant equipment repair service relies on many factors, all of which are important for anyone in the restaurant business who takes quality & efficacy strictly. Your commercial kitchen appliances must work at an utmost efficiency all the time, but selecting a service provider is not easy when challenged with claims regarding dependability & the best services. Restaurant equipment repair encompasses all sorts of products for food preparation, storage and preservation, and must be taken care of and fixed just like cutlery, refrigerators, dishwashers and food processors to assure a smooth-functioning kitchen.

Does your restaurant appliance repair firm gives a wide range of inventory & services to fulfill all your needs? This saves you money and time from lost output because a full-service firm will not just fix your appliances, they should be able to work with your water filtration, HVAC and other components of your restaurant.

Select a firm that provides repair, installation, and maintenance because this’ll assure you avail certified and qualified technicians for repairs and maintenance services whenever you require them. Inquire about exact services, warranties and return policies prior to selecting a restaurant equipment repair service.

“When you choose us as your restaurant equipment repair firm, you receive an independent provider of commercial kitchen appliance repair. We specialize in food service equipment and commercial appliances as well as HVAC and commercial refrigeration equipment. Our factory-trained technicians work round the clock, so rest assured that your restaurant business won’t come to a halt in the event of an equipment breakdown. They will ensure your commercial food equipment works properly & at its full capacity. From reach-in cooler to fryers, stoves and ovens -we service it all” said a spokesperson for Rox Services.

About the company:

Rox Services is a Portland based company specializes in restaurant equipment and commercial food appliance repair of any make and model.