Pictury Photo Tours provides Porto photo trip that allows visitors to capture the wonderful sights of the city in the most amazing way.

(Porto, 13th November 2019) –

Porto in Portugal is a vibrant and fascinating city that has become one of the most adored tourist destinations of Western Europe. The extensive history, impressive tourist attractions, buzzing nightlife and extraordinary tourist facilities make it major tourist attraction. Porto has so much to see and do which attracts visitors from all over the world. And to relish and capture the magnificence of the city Pictury Photo Tours owned by José Manuel Santosoffers Porto photo trip. In the Porto photo trip you get an opportunity to seize the beauty of the historical city in your lens. And the guidance of the photography and travel passionate couple at Pictury Photo Tours will make all the difference in your experience.

During the Porto photo trip you will discover a lot of important sites of the city that include 75-metre Clérigos Tower, Crystal Palace gardens, Serra do Pilar, Porto Wine Cellars, LivrariaLello (the world’s third most beautiful bookstore), Porto Cathedral Church, São Bento Train Station, Foz (a mini city within Porto), Ribeira (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and much more. As José Manuel is born in Porto and is a photographer since 1987, he is recognized for the beauty of the landscapes he captures and for the originality of his urban photos. With him you will get an opportunity to unveil the secrets of Porto city that made it get elected 3 times as the best destination in Europe to travel. A Porto photo trip with Pictury Photo Tours is one of the most astonishing ways to relish the magnificence of this historic and varied city of Portugal.

“We are a couple, an unbeatable duo, passionate about photography, traveling, and of course one another. With the possibilities offered by the internet, we now have the opportunity to make this passion a way of life and livelihood. We want to propose to those interested, not clients, but dream travelers, to join us in this odyssey with the certainty that we will do everything to make this visit to Porto and Portugal magical. We know that the beauty and light of this city are unique, but our guidance will make all the difference in your experience. What we would like to see happen (perhaps in a few years’ time and maybe after other tours and travels) when you close your eyes and think about the most important tour you have taken, you remember the first tour you took with us.” – says José Manuel Santos.

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Pictury Photo Tours is a photography company owned by a couple, an unbeatable duo who are passionate about photography and traveling. Their aim is to propose to the dream travelers for joining them in this odyssey with the certainty that they will do everything to make this visit to Porto and Portugal magical.

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