lunchbox service in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, the smart Capital city of Odisha, is also one of the top business hubs of the state and country. Many people come here to work and reside here. However, one thing they miss the most is home-cooked healthy food. And now, in the current situation where COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of people adversely, people are craving more and more for healthy and homemade food rich with balanced nutrients. To make healthy and home-cooked food available for people in Bhubaneswar, ODMEALS, an innovative food delivery platform, has begun launching the lunchbox service in Bhubaneswar.

ODMEALS is a part of OD Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd, an organization known for its impeccable services for making people’s lives comfortable. ODMEALS takes the best care when it comes to preparing food from picking fresh vegetables to adding the right nutritional value to keeping the authenticity of traditional taste. They also focus on delivering your food on time. To enhance the quality of the food, they make sure to use minimal oil and spices while keeping the nutritional values balanced. Moreover, they make the most authentic traditional Odia meals. Whether you are craving for vegetarian delights like Chattu Besara, Gota Potala Fry, Saga Muga, Dahi Baigan or Non-vegetarian Odia delights like Chingudi Jhola, Kukuda Mansa aloo jhola or chencheda; you can find it all with them. The best part of ordering food from ODMEALS is that they offer the most authentic Odia food at the most affordable price.

Furthermore, they put hygiene first and, hence, take the utmost care when it comes to food packaging. They use high-quality food containers that keep the food warm and free from contamination. If you do not want to compromise on the quality and quantity of your food and crave delicious traditional Odia food, look no further and take advantage of the lunchbox service in Bhubaneswar by ODMEALS today.

“We take the best care of everything from picking the fresh vegetables, adding the right nutritional value to keeping the authenticity of traditional taste intact to delivering the food to you on-time. We make use of minimal oil and spices, yet make the food finger-licking. Relish the delicious taste of homemade Odia food away from your home with us. At ODMEALS, we put hygiene first and leave no stones unturned as far as packaging of food is concerned. To ensure the safety of food delivered, we make use of the food containers made of high-quality material. It not only keeps the food warm but also protects it from any contamination. Added to it, two lunchboxes for each customer to establish best hygiene practices.” – says a spokesperson at ODMEALS.

About the Company:

ODMEALS is an innovative platform for foodies craving for delicious homemade food in Bhubaneswar. It is a part of OD TOURS AND TRAVELS PVT LTD that is known for making the lives of people comfortable and ecstatic with services of the highest standards. ODMEALS offers homemade Odia meals in Bhubaneswar.