Orissa is snuggled comfortably in the south eastern part of India & is historically significant with a backdrop of over many centuries to boast of. It’s also recognized as ‘Odisha’ & houses in its midst, many tourist attractions including the famous Jagannath Temple, the Sun temple, the Lingaraja temple and the Famous Rock Edits of Ashoka. Owing to its spiritual significance, Orissa plays host to millions of travellers and devotees every year who come here to pay tributes in the age-old temples & shrines housed here. A customized Orissa tour package is worth considering if you want to explore the main essence of this wonderful state.

Orissa is a diverse state and is blessed with wonderful natural beauty, attractive beaches, out of the ordinary flora & fauna, picturesque wildlife sanctuaries, adventure, heritage monuments, rich culture and traditions. Tours from all around the globe visit Orissa for the purpose of holidaying. To please the tourists, Odisha holiday packages are provided by several tour operators with the intention to make the vacation a memorable & an exclusive one. Whether you are looking for Orissa tribal tour or a cultural trip, professional tour operators can customize a trip as per your needs and budget.

“We specialized in customer Orissa tourism packages that are tailor-made for nature lovers as the state is home to several stunning lakes, sublime beaches, highest waterfalls and wildlife parks where tourists can explore everything the state has to offer. With us you can explore Orissa’s main sightseeing points like the Sun Temple, the Jagannath temple, Konark, Chilika, Lingaraj temple, and much more. Be it a short trip or a long itinerary, a relaxing stay or an adventure holiday, whatever your travel preferences are – we are here to make it happen. Our 7days & 6 nights Odisha trip is an icing on the cake who want to explore Odisha inside a short span of time. Call us now to experience the spirit of the culturally rich state of Odisha & take home amazing memories with you” said a spokesperson for OD Travels.

About the company:
OD Travels is a well-known name in the Odisha tourism industry that specialized in delivering customized Odisha tour packages to travellers across the globe.