It is very frustrating to have a non-operational cistern. The problem becomes more complicated when we do not know what type of cistern we have. My Toilet Spares, a leading online store making possible to have best toilet spares in the UK, told that knowing the brand and the model number of a cistern is of the utmost importance when you desire to have the best fitting cistern parts from their online store.

In a press conference, they made all to understand how to know the brand name and model of the cistern that is in use. They said that having such knowledge would help one to have a spare that fits precisely and to have relief from the issues faced. They also said that it is always best to buy spares of the actual manufacturer of the cistern so that it fits appropriately in place of the parts that require replacement.

The best way to know the brand and the model is to; carefully remove the top lid of the cistern and look at the bottom of the cover. The brand and the model name generally happen to be there either stamped or handwritten.

If you cannot find the brand and manufacturer name at the bottom of the lid, then do take a torch and see inside the cistern. It sometimes happens that you can find them stamped in waterproof ink inside the cistern. However, if you cannot find them there also, then clean the back of the cistern and have a look.

These are the places where you can find the brand name and model number of the cistern. After you know these two, it becomes easier for you to find the cistern spares that you require having. A spokesperson of My Toilet Spares said, “As you know the brand and model of the cistern that you use it is easier for you to select the spares from our online site.”

They said that their site has such a design that you can select the manufacturer and search for the model easily. They explained if you need having, cistern spares of Galassia, then you need to choose that in the search box. As you do this, all the available spares will show up on the page. Now you need to search for the model number of the spares that you require.

After you find the spares, you can add to the cart and purchase it, making an online payment.

About My Toilet Spares

My Toilet Spares is a leading toilet spare online store in the UK. They make it possible for all to have spares of reputed make at an affordable price and have those delivered to one’s doorsteps. One can call 01482 291992 to place their order.