Moroccan BeniOurain and Beni rugs are considered as one of the most popular vintage rugs available on sale. Moroccan Carpet is the industry-leading supplier of original BeniOurain and Beni rugs at the most budget-friendly prices. They have a comprehensive range of superior quality Moroccan BeniOurain and Beni rugs hand-woven by female craftsman. Their Beni rugs are unique vintage works of art and highly sought after artwork for those appreciating traditional art in all its forms. They make such exclusive rugs from 100% sheep wool, and that is 100% free from the artificial dye. Such traditional human-made heirloom Beni rugs are made for those who truly appreciate the natural world!

Moroccan Carpet brings before you numerous types of Moroccan Carpets, and most of them are named after the tribal community or the area where they are traditionally made. It may be unclear to recognize the defining features from one tribal style to another. However, Moroccan Carpet provides you the timeless and original BeniOuarain rug that has always been the favorite of ultimate customers around the world. It’s simple and contrasting patterns stand out from others and make your room look elegant and orderly. The sheep’s wool used in the BeniOurain rugs contributes a delightful texture for your feet to walk on or children to lie on! Discover the culture, legends, tradition, and stories of the best Moroccan Berber community in Atlas Mountain hide behind each BeniOurain rug or Beni rugs. Such unique oriental style handmade Berber rugs make the customers worthy of admiration, suitable for both colder and warmer seasons alike.

Berber Beni rugs have been at the forefront of the modern home interior decoration trend, and it has been waving around the world.  We supply original BeniOuarain rugs that consists of neutral color base (white, grey, ochre), decorated with geometric lines or a contrasting color. Our Beni Ourain rugs are likely the most comfortable rugs you’ll ever encounter. These expensive rugs are made with beautiful colors; natural wool generated from sheep’s moving around Atlas Mountain and traditional materials. It can be considered a cost-effective and energy-efficient household element that allows for enhancing the ambiance of your home atmosphere. For more information about our BeniOurain and Beni rugs collection, please visit our website as soon as possible”, says a spokesperson for Webber.

About the Company 

Moroccan Carpet is led by Abdelghani Hammoud the most experienced and talented person belongs to third generation of a Moroccan Berber artisan community located in the Middle Atlas Mountains. He works with an intention to supply premier and sophisticated natural, beautiful and original Moroccan handmade wool rugs directly to the ultimate clients!

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