The epitome of style, luxury, and sophistication of BeniOurain rugs made it the most preferred element for any home interior. If you like to add the warmness and richness to your living rooms or bedroom, then Moroccan Carpet can provide the excellent quality and unique BeniOurain rugs for your home interior. The most common place you’ll find one of these rugs is a living room, but they’re great for bedrooms as well. Their soft, fuzzy pile is totally the type of thing you want to set your bare feet on when you first wake up!

BeniOurain rugs are known to be the most prestigious rugs worldwide! Moroccan Carpet dares you to fall in love with such patterns and dynamic, gestural shapes on their rugs. The BeniOurain rugs they provide are classic designs that fit perfectly in any room with the lovely natural shades. Moroccan Carpet offer a wide range of BeniOurain rugs, starting from graphically dense designs to monochrome patterns, from saturated hues to natural, more muted tones.

These stunning rugs have the ability to connect the traditional heritage with modern-day interior decor, which truly breathtaking and timeless! Moroccan Carpet helps you find only the genuine BeniOurain rugs of your choice at the best price. They make direct sales and supply to our clients means they send your rugs at the moment you order it. It results in considerable price savings that we pass along to you. They made it by using only the finest and natural wool on the earth. Walking on them feels make you feel like you are walking on the exceptionally soft and warm cloud.

“Let us share why you should bring the BeniOurain rugs! Our BeniOurain rugs are known to bring the warmth and plushness into your home. Also, the traditions behind these elegant and gorgeous rugs are marvelous. It is made up of 100% pure wool that is extracted from unique sheep trolls around the Atlas Mountains region. Expert artisans weave the story of Moroccan life into the rug, and there are no two BeniOurain rugs alike. The themes that can be found on them are related to birth, fertility, nature, rural life, and religious beliefs.  That’s why every single of them is a unique and original piece of art. Our BeniOurain rugs are made only from 100% special sheep wool that is 100% un-dyed. We exactly do it how our ancestors did it.  The tremendous amount of effort and skills that involve in manufacturing is indescribable as well. Multiple weavers are dedicatedly threading the sheep wool for tying individual pile knots to design and create a unique masterpiece, just for you. This unique element will surely make you feel special! Bring the Moroccan Carpet brand BeniOurain rug into your home and watch how such original and vintage style, antique, and traditional rugs with modern and elegant touch right before your home and eyes. We want you to get a rug that you will treasure for years to come!” Say AbdelghaniHammoud, the owner of Moroccan Carpet Brand!

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Moroccan Carpet is a renowned Brand created in 2017 by AbdelghaniHammoud, the third generation of a Moroccan Berber artisan family in the Middle Atlas Mountains. They are committed to provide attractive rugs and discover the joys of owning a unique traditional rugs made by skilled artisans. 

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