For hundreds of years, Moroccan Berber Rugs have been saved mainly for royalty and a mark of utmost comfort. It takes months to make each Moroccan rug that is not only last for years but looks stunning. Moroccan Carpet offers exceptional quality masterpiece Moroccan Berber carpets and rugs of different styles. It includes BeniOuarain, Azilal, Boucherouite, or Kilim and many more models for you to select.

Their carpet store KhemissetMorocco store is incredible and stocks incredible quality products! They shipped the carpets or rugs precisely as described, and it will reach you within a few days, even during the COVID crisis. The teams at Moroccan Carpet have been constructive with sending extra details on the carpets or rugs you are interested in. They share unique handmade art & crafts from Morocco while promoting cultural understanding, highlighting the value the role women artisans that play in defining their culture through weaving.

AbdelghaniHammoud, the owner of Moroccan Carpet, the online text, was incredibly helpful. He went beyond to be of service and let you received your favorite Moroccan carpet just a few days after ordering. The rugs and carpet variety they produce are incredibly beautiful and less than half the price of comparable products. It will not only make you satisfied but make your guests jealous about your place with an exciting and trendy new look. The craftsmanship of their product is even better than you expected, and their pricing is a real bargain for their unique level of artistry that will truly amaze you. You can’t find such unique, affordable, and outstanding Moroccan carpets and rug varieties anywhere!

“We provide beautiful, unique Moroccan Berber carpets and rugs are handwoven by the local Moroccan woman artisan in Khemisset. We pride in creating beautiful, unique, and original, timeless pieces for our customers and their home. We strongly believe in fair-trade and care for your need within your budget. We are specializing in providing most award-winning, exceptionally handcrafted carpets and rugs on sale in our carpet store in Khemisset Morocco.

We source ethical products with a vision to supply some antique pieces to our clients. We are the third generation of Moroccan Berber artisan families. We develop a deep knowledge of all aspects of Moroccan rug’s production and build very strong relationships with rural communities and artisans around Morocco to produce a significant amount of carpets and rugs ourselves. Be sure you will always have the best Value for Money as our prices are adequate! All our offering is based on Fair Trade policy, in case you have a limited budget, or you need a discount, write to us and let us know. We promise to try our best and make you happy!” Say, AbdelghaniHammoud, the owner of Moroccan Carpet. 

About the Company

Moroccan Carpet is a reputed carpet store in Khemisset Morocco offers rare art forms of the vintage Berber carpets and rugs. Each Moroccan carpets and rugs in their collection are one-of-its-kind and of a superb standard.