Berber families lived in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco with a passion and vowed to showcase their handcrafted rugs to the rest of the world. And this is what Moroccan Carpet exactly does. They follow the Berber roots and remain more creative in design and weaving. It will lead them to produce imaginative designs that cherish their year’s old tradition related to fine, artistic, original textiles to create different rugs including BeniOurain rugs. All BeniOurain rugs they offer are handmade, and the practice is as old as Morocco itself. When you place your specific order, they pass it along to the same community of shepherds, dyers, and most experienced weavers that have been creating rugs together for generations.

Moroccan Carpet works tirelessly to produce and find genuine vintage rugs, that are rare as time passes. They assure you finding pieces of superb quality rugs and Berber work art that will enhance your home interior. They offer various designs and sizes of unique Morroco Rugs, including the BeniOurain rug in their online shop. Also, they can produce custom orders with bespoke designs to any dimension. They work closely with interior designers and rug retailers to ensure optimum quality and customer service. Moroccan Carpet cares about their products and logically does best to deliver the original BeniOurain rugs to clients around the world and also in top condition.

“We are BeniOuarain Outlet. Our story begins on the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where families in Berber villages would weave carpets. These authentic Moroccan Berber mats are called the Boucherouite, BeniOuarain, Azilal, BeniMguild, Talsint, BeniMrirt and much more. The idea behind our Atlas Weavers & online shop was to share our art and its abstract meaning with the world. It also helps to preserve our Berber heritage and ancient weaving skills of the indigenous Moroccan tribes. We are dedicated to bringing the best quality, attractive, unique long lasting BeniOurain rugs and passing the ancient tradition to your home. We have a wide range of BeniOurain rugs featuring traditionally weaved canvases with inspiring patterns, shapes, lines and textures. Choose your style color & design combination, size, and trimming preference. We’ll take care of the rest” Say a spokesperson for Moroccan Carpet.

About The company

Moroccan Carpet is a Brand created in 2017 by AbdelghaniHammoud work with an objective to offer natural, beautiful and original Moroccan handmade wool rugs. They provide numerous rugs designs of different sizes in their online store and also entertain custom orders with bespoke designs to any dimension.