Keeping in mind the recent notification by Government of India Myudyogaadhar has taken steps to help MSMEs to have online Udyog Aadhar Registration and have the benefits associated with the registration. They also made it clear that MSMEs need to know the various benefits they can have after such a registration.

As a small and medium enterprise register, they will get a 12-digit government identification number issued by the Ministry of MSME. This registration is of importance as it offers government recognition and validates the existence of small and medium enterprises.

One of the spokespersons of Myudyogaadhar said, “We are a group of skilled and proficient qualified CAs, CS, CMAs & Advocates with the mission of helping small and medium enterprises to have online Udyog Aadhar Registration. We are present in 150+ cities and our team of 200+ employees and the network of over 1000 professionals stand by to help small and medium scale enterprise during the online registration process and help them to have the various advantages associated with such registration.”

As said, there are various advantages associated with this registration. One of the benefits is having government recognition. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. After such registration, the MSMEs can have a collateral-free business loan. Such loans are low-interest rate loans and help to set up a business organization or grow in the proper direction.

Moreover, small and medium enterprises can have a fast solution to various disputes that may arise. Additionally, one can expect to have octroi tax benefits, stamp duty & registration fees waiver and eligibility for IPS subsidy.

Myudyogaadhar also said that Excise exemption scheme, NSIC Performance and Credit Rating subsidy, exemption on interest on an overdraft, numerous exemptions under Direct Tax Laws and counter-guarantee through CGSTI are the other benefits.

This registration also helps enterprises to have payment reimbursement for getting ISO certification and subsidy on patent registration.

The process of registration is easy and with the help of professionals from MYUDYOGAADHAR, the process becomes even more comfortable. Immediately after submission of the application form, one can have the 12-digit government identification number issued by the Ministry of MSME.


MYUDYOGAADHAR is a group of skilled and proficient qualified CAs, CS, CMAs & Advocates. They are present in over +150 cities and have 200+ employees and a network of over 1000 professionals. The mission of the organization is to stand by the side of MSME organizations to have Udyog Aadhar Registration. You can expect to have the best of customer services and quality services from them. They have improved their service to offer perfect solutions to the problems faced by their clients. Call at +91 9145096565 to know more about their services.