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Are you looking to explore Naples and enjoy the shore excursion? Hiring a reliable car service will lead you to explore the ancient Roman ruins, hiking on glaciers, shopping at local outdoor markets and do a lot of shore-side activities. You will experience and enjoy your lavished car and cruise on board amenities while exploring exciting new places around Naples and Positano.


Do you wish to know more about the fascinating history of Amalfi’s coast and explore its historical places? If yes then, get ready for Naples shore excursions with a reliable limo service provider. Hiring a limo service lets you skip the hassle of arranging the on and off-shore activities easily. They not only provide lavished road transfer, but they act as your guide to explore the shore excursions from Naples, Salerno, Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, Civitavecchia and Livorno cruise ports, Pompeii and Herculaneum and much more. They offer a selection of Naples shore excursions to suit your ship’s itinerary.

Reputed limo services are committed to arranging a safe, enjoyable and comfortable sightseeing tour of Naples, Italy. They provide the highest standard of ground transfer service that assists clients in exploring Naples’ stunning city conveniently. You will be assured of witnessing the incredible natural beauty and feel the legendary hospitality. By hiring a guided shore excursions tour of Naples, you will get an opportunity to visit some of the city’s artistic treasure.

Are you looking for a reliable lavished ground transfer service to explore the place of interest in Naples &Positano? The friendliest, dependable & affordable car service provides exceptional service to make your travel dream come true. They offer people convenient transportation from major airports, railway stations and city centres to the best villas, hotels and cruise ports on the Amalfi Coast, Naples or Sorrento. The English-speaking chauffeurs will drive you through some of Naples, Positano and Amalfi Coast’s finest attractions. You will also get to enjoy art, history, architecture, gastronomy, music and several other beautiful stops throughout the Naples shore excursions.

There are so many Popular places widely scattered in Naples. You can travel to Pompeii, where you witness life more than 2000 years ago in the form of recovered paintings, structure, public baths, plaster cast of people who perished and architecture. On the way up the mountain, you will perceive the spectacular views of Mount Vesuvius, Mount Somma, and Capri island at Amalfi. Explore Pompeii–one of the UNESCO Archeological heritage sites where several villages are buried under volcanic eruptions.

Naples is the UNESCO listed World Heritage site famed for its ancient history, major cultural centre, the global sphere of influence, and exceptional value. It offers symbols of the past through its well-known ancient historic castle-like castle of Nuovo, Ovo Castle, Castle of Saint’ Elmo, Castel dell Ovo and Castel Capuano, which speaks about Europe’s greatest Dynasty in the past. Explore the main city square at Piazza Del Plebiscito bounded on the east to Palazzo Reale, the Royal Palace, Teatro di San Carlothe oldest opera house and the church of San Francesco Di Paola to the west on your Naples tour. Also visit the National Museum of Naples holds collections of bronze sculptures of the Romanian era, wall paintings that reflect Naples’ history. Touring Naples is incredible.

Positano is a small village touching to the side of massive cliffs & is preferred by most of the vacationers. Explore the enjoyable streets, and relish a coffee in a cafe while perceiving a magnificent sea view. Never miss swimming in the gorgeous water here & enjoy a good time by the sea.

A trip to Capri shouldn’t be missed during your shore excursions in Naples. Boats depart from Amalfi, Positano, and Sorrento for Capri almost every day.

Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone are the best places to get a picturesque sight of this magnificent part of Italy. It is the small garden townhome to incredible ceramics, wonderful little cathedrals, and quaint eateries.


The Naples shore excursions are an excellent way to spend a few days, weeks or even more than that. Take your time to discover and relish everything that the beautiful city has to offer. For an organized Naples shore excursion, you can rely on Positano Limo Service. They are always ready to meet your transportation need and go beyond to guide you. To book a trip, feel free to contact them at (+39) 339 7087359 today!