Las Vegas Outdoor Plumbing Pros is a full-service plumbing contractor specializing in providing industry-standard irrigation leak detection services in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Plumbing Pros is a premier plumbing specialist dedicated to deliver highly efficient and fast solutions to all types of plumbing problems no matter whether it’s small or large. A fully-functional irrigation system keeps your front lawn and backyard looking beautiful year-round. Generally, a plumbing system is nestled safely under the foundation and within the walls. More often, the irrigation is exposed to external forces. Your irrigation system is susceptible to leaks and breaks, whether it’s because of lawnmower knocking a valve or the high winds. Let Las Vegas Plumbing Pros help you with Irrigation Leak Detection in Las Vegas.

With over a decade of serving outdoor plumbing needs, their Las Vegas Plumbing Contractors is available at your service day or night. They have experienced technicians and are available on-call 24/7. The expert outdoor plumbing contractors understand that plumbing problem do happen suddenly. From handling burst pipes to routine maintenance tasks, they are available to help you out. Besides, irrigation leaks are the important reason behind water waste. At Las Vegas Plumbing Pros, they provide superior quality Irrigation Leak Detection Services. Expert Irrigation Leak Detection Contractors do irrigation inspections and most repairs on the same day.

When it comes to irrigation repairs, Las Vegas Plumbing Pros specializes in Irrigation Leak Detection and Inspection, timers, wiring system, and low pressure diagnosis. They fix broken sprinkler heads, irrigation valves, irrigation pipes, vacuum breaker valves, and back flow valves. Your expert Irrigation Contractors offer seasonal system checks to make sure that your irrigation system is always up and running at the top of their ability. If you ever wonder whether your irrigation system is doing its job perfectly, you have to schedule your irrigation inspection service.

“Our Irrigation Leak Detection in Las Vegas makes sure that controller is programmed and wired properly. We inspect and test all the valves for leaks and malfunctions. We do inspections on every drip zone to ensure that all trees and plants have a water sources and that all emitters are in working condition. Do check on the sprinkler heads and make sure that they have proper water coverage. We check damages in nozzles and heads. Our Irrigation Leak Detection covers the inspection of drip and sprinkler lines. We provide a full estimate for all the repairs required to make the system fully-functional. Our company will waive inspection cost, if the repairs will be done on the same day. For more information, feel free to contact us as soon as possible”, says a spokesperson for Las Vegas Plumbing Pros.

About The Company –
Las Vegas Plumbing Pros specializes in handling repairs and the installations of residential water mainline and irrigation projects throughout Las Vegas. They are dedicated to their customers and finished detail work. Nevertheless of your plumbing requirements – whether it’s a water main line repair, new installation or irrigation repair, feel free to contact at