SketchUp is one of the most familiar & recognized 3D modelling programs out there. With both a free &Pro version, it is an option for both hobbyists and professionals. A very useful software package, SketchUp allows users to create 2D & 3D models for use in a wide range of fields including architecture, mechanical engineering and even gaming. Of course, that is just the beginning – there is still a lot to know regarding SketchUp.

SketchUp Pro now comes in various subscription models that might make it easy on your wallet, depending on your requirements to prepare models & drawings that fulfil any sort of drawing needs. From a basic sketch to design development, you can make use of SketchUp Pro to take any of your projects from its 1st stages all the way to its construction. With wider functionality & an absolutely intuitive interface, it is easy to see why this product is in so much demand.

“We offer the lowest SketchUp prices in the market. While the free web version is all right for making basic 3D models, Pro and Studio versions goes a step further. With the help of the Pro version, you can draw plans, elevations, details and title blocks. And with a bragged precision to a “thousand of an inch”, you can be certain that your projects will be specified and designed in as much or as minute detail as you need. This detail is most noticeable with Pro’s feature that lets users turn models into complete animated walkthroughs. Also, users can take benefit of advanced camera tools, Solid Tools, alongside more import & export capabilities.The Pro version comes in web and desktop version. Basically, your choice between the Free Sketchup version and SketchUp Pro all comes down to “how much functionality you wish to have to create your professional work” said a spokesperson of KL iTech Solutions.

About the company:

KL iTech specializes in offering software solutions for Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Energy and Infrastructure customers in the areas of Design & analysis, Project Management,Nextgen Cost estimation & Digital Construction Solutions and Automation solutions.