ISETIA is an award-winning, fully integrated project management information system that supports agile & scrum methodologies alongside other ad-hoc project management models. It aids business to administer task assignments, budgets, documents, issues and risks to finish projects faster.

Optimizing documents management proffers a simple way to rationalize workflow, decrease resources and eventually, gets projects done faster & more profitably. In large companies working on complicated projects, the time that is invested on seeking the correct version of documents between different employees and software systems add up. ISETIA gives a wonderful new document management solution that makes work faster, easier and more pleasurable for everybody concerned. This project management information system works the way you do. They customized dashboard lets you discard conventional folder style structures or produce one that suits you.

“Backed up in the cloud, secure & always accessible, ISETIA proffers you as well as your team with the most up-to-date version of the document, guaranteed. So, now you can say goodbye to the agony of inaccessible or duplicate documents. You can request feedback from one or manifold parties, immediately. Change flow history, revision request, immediate commenting and the capability to visually contribute lets you show collaborators what you mean. Efficient document permission management assures the hierarchy of the corporation is sustained throughout the approval process. The best thing about ISETIA is it offer comprehensive integrated project management & document management functionality in one platform. The program can be fully tailored to the customer’s need” said a spokesperson for KL iTech.

About the company:

KL iTechis a renowned company specializes in software solutions for Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Energy and Infrastructure customers in the areas of project management system, design & analysis, Nextgen Cost estimation & Digital Construction Solutions and Automation solutions.