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Keerthy Roofings bring Decra roofing tiles India- the original stone coated steel roofing system from New Zealand. There Decra roofing installation represents an exceptional and effective alternative to traditional roofing products such as wooden shake, clay tile, and asphalt composite shingles.

Keerthy Roofings is a trusted name for offering a wide variety of Decra roofing tiles India, such as Decra Classic, Decra Heritage, Decra Milano, Decra Corona Shake, etc. Get ultimate roof performances by choosing the Decra roofing products from Kerthy Roofings in India! The Decra roofing products they supply in India are made of corrosion-resistant metal and coated with stone chips and an acrylic adhesive layer. Their purpose is to bring the most durable roof without compromising the aesthetic advantages of more traditional roofing materials. All the Decra roofing tiles are featured with acid-resistant, antibacterial, heat insulation, as well. Stone-coated Decra roofing in India is light in weight; hence will also add structural strength to any roof and reduces the threat of collapse during an earthquake.

The stone coated Decra roofing system offered by Keerthy Roofing has the advantage of high strength steel with a look and variety of traditional and innovative architectural styles. All their Decra roofing tiles product lines in India are original stone coated steel roofing represents a seamless mixing of years of research and practical experience. The Decra tiles they supply in India are light-weighed: as light as 6kg/sqm, approximately 1/8 weight of clay or cement tiles,environment-friendly, and economical as well. Decra tiles are coated with stone granules that seem like the perfect substitute for traditional tile roofing. They look very similar with the same color palette and style options. Even a normal person would not instantly decipher the difference between real clay and its stone-coated Decra replica.

“We offer excellent quality Decra roofing tiles India that will be enough to enhance the appearance, curb appeal, and home value while providing durability, performance, and protection that will last for a lifetime. The Decra tile installed roof will further enhance the appearance of your home. We offer distinct profiles to enhance the curb appeal and value of any home, and you can select a Decra roofing tile that will highlight the beauty and improving the efficiency of the roof. We are engaged in procuring and supplying excellent quality stone coated Decra roofing products to our valuable clients in India. The Decra India we provide is an innovative roofing system that combines the extraordinary characteristic of two elements. The resistance and durability of steel offer a maintenance-free roofing solution that stands up to severe environmental changes.” Say a spokesperson for Keerthy Roofing.

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Keerthy Roofing is a trusted name for supplying exquisite roofing tiles and brings you a wide range of elegant, durable roofing solutions that make your dream home attractive and stylish.