Keerthy Roofing, a premier and reliable source for Decra stone coated roof tile India roof tiles in India, brings a full range of Decra roofing tiles suitable for both hoe and commercial constructions. They are also famous for providing exclusive roof tiles that were aesthetically appealing and budget-friendly.

Earlier, the metal roofing products were manufactured primarily for industrial and commercial buildings. High-maintenance wood shakes, clay tile, and slate were the only available aesthetically-pleasing roofing alternatives for residential architecture. Today, Keerthy Roofing brings a new range of Decra stone coated roof tiles products that complement all the industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. The Decra roofing tiles provide an excellent aesthetic option and also enhance the architectural themes. The distinctive classic beauty of stone coated Decra roof tile India gives better results without compromising durability. Keerthy Roofing also assures you reap the returns on investment (ROI) from Decra stone coated roof tiles for decades.

Keerthy Roofing is a pioneer of importing and supplying stone coated roof tile in India. It is an exclusive metal roofing tile product that withstands the test of time. They are crafted with meticulous attention to durability and longevity. If you’re looking for the best roof tile products, then you can trust Keerthy Roofing for a wide range of Decra model designs, styles, colors, and textures that suit the most discerning of tastes. Their Decra stone coated roof tiles in India are unsurpassed for its strength, durability, and outperform other roofing materials in every category! Tile roofing remains prevalent in most parts of India because it reflects heat and matches Mediterranean-style houses in Kerala and many other parts in India.

Few words from the company “Setting beauty and aesthetics aside, the Decra stone coated roof tiles provide adequate strength, durability, and efficiency in a low-maintenance. Thanks to decades of innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality. It is effortless to adapt these heavy-duty and effective roofing products for use in sophisticated residential and commercial roof designs. Even the best conventional roofing materials need replacement every 30-40 years. Still, metal roofing provides a much more suitable lifetime alternative for stately sustainable homes intended to last for a century or even more! We also let you know that the Decra brand stone coated roof tile in India provides unmatched strength and durability with a nearly maintenance-free lifetime roof solution for homeowners. It had a Wind, rain, hail, snow, and even dry, sunny climates all take their toll on conventional roofing materials. Our Decra brand roofing tiles is unsurpassed for durability, and has the capability to resist Class 4 impact against hail penetration and a wind warranty for up to 120 mph better than any other roofing alternative. We have the dedicated professional team who will listen to your requirements and advise the best recommendation for your dream house roofing projects. We also help you in deciding the precise need for your roofing projects and make an appointment on a day and the time that suits you the best!”

About the Company
Keerthy Roofing is the largest importer and supplier of Decra stone coated roof tiles in India, offering dedicated support to homeowner’s community throughout Kerala and most parts in India. It stocks a wide range of Decra roofing tiles to meet your needs.