Magnolia Realty offers the best home for sale in Washington DC to make your home buying and selling experience stress free.

Buying or selling a home in Washington DC becomes stressful without the help of a reliable and experienced realtor like those of Magnolia Realty. Magnolia Realty agents have the experience and expertise that makes them one of the leading and trustworthy realtors in Washington DC. They are known for locating the best home for sale in Washington DC for their clients depending upon their home preferences and budget. The owner of Magnolia Realty, Aya Netanel with her 13 years of experience in real estate and millions of sale volume in her entire career takes pride on her personal service and attention to the needs of their clients.

When you choose Magnolia Realty as your real estate agency you get a number of perks while buying or selling home in Washington DC.  Some of those perks are as follows –

  1. You get an opportunity to view as many homes for sale in Washington DC
  2. Enables you to determine the fair market value of your home of interest with the help of their market and price analysis.
  3. Helpwith offer preparation, review and presentation.
  4. Experienced  negotiator on your side to strengthen your offer and other contingencies.
  5. Use of  electronic document signing that allows faster submission of offers.
  6. A dedicated agent that  will be with you throughout the transaction.
  7. Your agent will review final numbers prior to closing and attend settlement with you
  8. The realtor rebate they offer is completely legal and the largest one in MD and DC i.e. 2.11%
  9. They offer full service listing for only a 1% fee.
  10. The use of industry-best tools to show you the local features and lifestyle of the home for sale in Washington DC that you chose.
  11. Selling your home? we use our specialization in property pricing valuations  combined with extensive market data and our knowledge of the local market to determining the best listing price for your home for sale in Washington DC.

In a nutshell, Magnolia Realty makes use of the best available tools to make your home buying and selling in Washington DC a memorable experience.

So if you want to make your home buying or selling experience in Washington DC stress-free and hassle-free then get in touch with Magnolia Realty to find a variety of home for sale in Washington DC and choose the one that suits your budget and preference.

“We at Magnolia Realty can help you by providing you with a list of some of the best homes for sale in Washington DC depending upon your requirements and budget. Being one of the well-known realtors in Washington DC we feel that it is our duty to make our client’s home buying experience simple and honest. Our Realtor Rebate Saves Washington DC Home Buyers Thousands of Dollars at Closing. Choose us as your real estate agent and save thousands of dollars as we offer a rebate that is 3 times more than the rebate offered by Redfin.” – says a spokesperson at Magnolia Realty.

About the Company:

Magnolia Realty is a real estate firm owned by Aya Netanel who has 13 years of real estate experience and millions in sales volume throughout her career. Her impressive track record in real estate sales, and experience in listing and selling single family homes, townhomes, and condos throughout Maryland and Washington DC, allows the company to confidently handle complex transactions efficiently. To know more about their services visit