, a leading online platform helps job aspirants to find Great People to Work With and Best Places to Work Atby providing honest reviews about the workplaces.

Working in an environment that encourages work-life balance, offers clarity in communication, and is full of enthusiasm is a dream of every job aspirant. These are the key features of the best places to work at, but finding such a workplace isn’t that easy, especially if you go the traditional way for search. Moreover, companies today are also looking for candidates who are enthusiastic, have a willingness to learn, and are dependable. In both cases, the search is not that easy as it sounds. But has made it easier with its mission is to help you find #GreatPeopleToWorkWith. is a unique platform that has helped companies to improve their online reputation through 360-degree peer-validated reviews, as well as help candidates to find the best places to work at. Their aim is to provide workplace transparency by closing the gap between the desired work culture and actual work culture. The company believes that ultimately companies work with people and not the CVs. Millions of people can find jobs that are suited to their career goals and lifestyle. At, you can view honest reviews regarding employee behavior, company culture, career growth, and every other essential aspect of the workplace you are considering to join.

“Our mission is to help everyone find people and companies they love. We provide transparency into workplaces and people – the good and the bad – so that you can make the right decisions. We have helped several companies and individuals to prominently exhibit and improve their online reputation. Our rating parameters and mechanism bring to life skills and talents that are not typically found on a CV.  We are ‘the’ platform if you are looking for reviews about peoples’ behavior, workplace culture, career growth, leadership culture, etc to choose the right fit to work with or to work at. said a spokesperson for

About the company: is a USA based online platform that allows people to improve their online professional reputation via 360 degree peer-validated reviews. Their aim is to help both companies and job seekers to find great people to work with by closing the gap between desired work culture and actual work culture. The main purpose of this site is to provide a place where honest reviews can be received & provided.