EZ Service aiming to render your old premises with a new look specializes in providing drywall installation, repair and painting services in Washington DC and the surrounding areas.

(Washington DC, January 22, 2020) – When it comes to maintaining and installing drywall in Washington DC, it’s highly suggested that you should count on professionally trained and experienced people for the project. At EZ Service, they have expert contractors for DC drywall repair and refinishing its surface with an alternative specialty finish, paint or wallpaper covering that you want to replace with it. Their drywall installation and repair professionals have experience of handing drywall requirements before the wall repaint work is done.

Being a well-known name in the industry, EZ Service specializes in punching through holes, cutting, attaching, hanging new drywall panels, sanding, imparting a new skim coat to the walls, etc. Their insured and bonded professionals make sure that you get the best possible finish for you at the most affordable prices. After all, drywall water damage is a hassle that requires ample time attention in detail. If not handled with proper care, you’ll have disastrous results. In the end, you will get an uneven and unattractive look or the structural damage to your existing walls. Instead of waiting for more for devastating consequences, the EZ Service technicians provide you with impeccable services more efficiently.

Their drywall service includes filling up holes like a small rupture or troublesome crater size damage. They remove wall attachments like a mirror, wallpaper or a tile that may lead to coming out of drywall flakes. EZ Service drywall repair work involves repairing water damage and moisture that results from leaking pipes. This problem can be intense, if not treated on time. It may weaken the integral wall structure by loosening the joint tape and visible water patches, causing health-related hazards. The expert DC drywall repair contractors retrieve popping nails through the drywall and filling up them. They specialize in repairing dented corner beads that may be due to the impact of daily wear and tear. If there’re holes in the drywall, caused because of handling furniture, you should count on EZ Service to repair holes efficiently.

“When we’re done with your DC drywall repair work, we use primer on walls and paint afterward to get a smooth finish for a newly painted wall. We do sanding, wiping, cleaning and applying a drywall primer like a base coat before adding the final paint to the wall. Therefore, when you find your interior walls tired and worn out, you should give them a refreshing look by our industry-grade drywall repair and painting services. Rest assured that, we will help you transform your interior inlet into a vibrant color overhaul best suiting your choice and specifications. For immediate help, contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started”, says a spokesperson for EZ Service.

About The Company –

EZ Service is a leading name specializing in drywall and painting services in Washington DC and the surrounding areas. They have state-of-the-art tools, expertise and know-how to get the DC drywall repair and paintwork done on-time and efficiently. To know more about their services, please browse the website at https://www.ezservicecompany.com/.