Commercial kitchens are ever-functioning so as the equipment and machineries used in them. With frequent usage of these machines, wear and tear is obvious. However, breakdown of any commercial kitchen equipment can hamper the entire functioning of the kitchen. Whether you own a coffee shop, or large restaurant, commercial kitchen equipment maintenance is an absolute must. If you run a commercial kitchen like a restaurant or hotel in Portland Oregon, then you will be glad to know that Rox Services are there to help you with your commercial kitchen equipment repair Portland Oregon needs. The company handles all aspects of commercial kitchen equipment repair, maintenance as well as installation.

Rox Services realizes the essentiality of regular commercial kitchen equipment repair and maintenance services. Hence, they make sure to offer prompt services to their clients. Their commercial kitchen equipment repair Portland Oregon services cover all types of commercial kitchen appliances. From convection oven, solid top, toaster, char-grill, coffee machine, dishwasher, food mixer, glasswasher, meat slicer, tilting kettle, food processor, combination oven, steam oven to broiler and everything in between can be repaired, maintained and installed by their professional experts. Whether you face an inopportune kitchen equipment breakdown or need a quick fix, the technicians at Rox Services are ever ready and fully equipped to fix the issues as soon as possible.

The company takes pride in offering repair services for all major brands and types of commercial kitchen equipment whether it is your commercial refrigerator, ice machine, exhaust hood systems, bakery, pizza ovens, steamers, kettles, toasters, warmers or a walk-in freezer. Besides repair, the company also specializes in offering commercial kitchen equipment installation and maintenance in Portland Oregon. So take advantage of their factory-trained technicians, well-equipped service vans and the parts for fast commercial kitchen equipment repair in Portland Oregon. Some of their existing clients include Crema Bakery & Cafe, Kyra’s Bake Shop, Wayfinder Beer and Guero Restaurant.

“We are a full service, licensed, insured and bonded company for commercial appliance repair in Portland Oregon. Our customers include everything from restaurants, assisted living facilities, community centers, convenience stores, supermarkets, hospitals, offices, school cafeterias, airports, cruise ships, event centers, hotels and any other business that has commercial appliances. Our commercial kitchen equipment repair service covers any type of commercial kitchen appliances including but not limited to convection oven, solid top, toaster, char-grill, coffee machine, dishwasher, food mixer, glasswasher, meat slicer, tilting kettle, food processor, combination oven, steam oven, broiler and many more. Whether it’s an unforeseen breakdown or a quick fix, our technicians are fully equipped to fix your commercial appliance issues within one visit.” – says a spokesperson at Rox Services.

About the Company:

Rox Services has 45 years of combined experience in commercial food equipment maintenance and repair in the metro Portland, Oregon area. They are experienced in customer service, office procedures and practices, and their technicians are highly trained.  They also possess numerous certifications including CFESA Master Technician, NATE certification in Hydrocarbon Refrigerants (propane), EPA Universal certification, CRFP certification from Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA), and FMP certification from International Facility Management Association (IFMA).