Planning is everything if you want a stress-free environment on your big day. It all starts at the very beginning when the pieces of the puzzle begin to take shape and you share your timeline of events with your photographer.

An experienced photographer will know if there are any possible pitfalls based on the information you’ve given and offer suggestions for a more relaxed approach to your day.

Wedding photography in Essex shouldn’t be a stressful experience and I quickly relay my concerns (if any) to my couples regarding their timelines so that they get the best possible experience”said Chris the owner of Chris Woodman Photography.

One issue that seems to arise more than most is the amount of shots couples want during a certain time frame. Venues run to a tight schedule these days so it’s hard to deviate from their timings. Having too many group shots, for example, can cause delays and sometimes even put the reception meals on hold. At Chris Woodman Photography, they generally ask for 8 to 10 group shots max so you can still capture all the important friends and family members but in a fraction of the time.

Keeping the day flowing and not interrupting the real emotions of the day is a great way to keep the stress levels low. If you just BE YOU, then you’re not trying to be someone you don’t want to be and this is the secret to a happy occasion and ultimately nice memories of the day.

Often during the morning sessions, I’ll observe and capture what I see. As long as I have good light, I love to sit back and photograph real personalities from a distance. A calm Photographer transfers over to a calm environment and it really works.

Good organisation is key to lowering stress on a wedding day too. Having the group shots printed and ready to go at a moment’s notice is really helpful. Knowing where to take the couple for their special session is also important as it builds trust that often allows you to get more from the day.

As a professional wedding photographer in Essex, I want the best for my couples and this sometimes means going the extra mile to help. I’ve given bridesmaids lifts to churches & carried boxes of wedding details from one place to another to name a few examples & it’s that togetherness on the day that really creates a positive atmosphere.

My whole approach is relaxed, unobtrusive & confident and couples love this style. All their hard work culminates in this one special day and in my opinion, they should enjoy it to the max & let their vendors take the strain.

Chris Woodman Photography is an Essex based wedding photography service with a proven track record shooting in a cinematic wedding photography style.

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