Chalema Tanzania Safaris will make your Tanzania safari and beach holiday planning as hassle-free as possible. Whether you want to head out for a romantic getaway, or a fun-filled family safari, or a beach holiday vacation, Chalema Tanzania Safaris will get you covered with so many things to see and do!

If you are looking for a safari and beach holiday in Tanzania then Chalema Tanzania Safaris allows you to enjoy your vacation on budget. They can take you on a trip through some of the most beautiful landscapes. They offer you an opportunity to witness some of the wildlife species that Tanzania has to offer. Wildlife adventure and luxurious beach holidays await you when you schedule 10 10-day Tanzania safari and beach holidays through Chalema Tanzania Safaris. They will leave you with a splendid Tanzania safari experience, amazing wildlife species including the Big Five & marine life encounters. For an unforgettable safari experience within your budget, please book your Tanzania safari and beach holiday at!

Chalema Tanzania Safaris offers 10-day Tanzania safari and beach holiday packages covering the world-renowned national parks in Tanzania and the appealing beaches at Zanzibar etc. Their safari excursions & beach holidays ensure that you have a great time throughout your journey to Tanzania. They are equipped with expert local knowledge about East Africa & the traditional warm African hospitality. The team at Chalema Tanzania Safaris assures you a Tanzania safari and beach holiday trip as fabulous as the destinations you visit. From Hotel to Hospitality through your touring journey, you can rely on Chalema Tanzania Safaris!

“Are you planning a safari and beach holiday in Tanzania? We at Chalema Tanzania Safaris are dedicated to making your vacation extremely memorable and exciting. As the leading safari operator, we offer 10-day Tanzania safari and beach holiday packages that let you indulge yourself in the incredible wilderness and superb game-filled parks & beaches. We ensure you have a luxurious safari and beach holiday trip in Tanzania’s pristine wilderness outback.

Our seasoned, skilled & knowledgeable tour guide will lead you along some of the most hidden paths. Our 10-day Tanzania safari and beach holiday packages are affordable and customizable and can be customized as per your budget and convenience. We are dedicated to providing personalized attention to every detail and utmost professionalism. We make sure that you get a great value for your money. For more details, please visit

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Chalema Tanzania Safaris is founded and run by Joel Zacharia Chalema. He is an East African local who was born and bred in Tanzania and its environs. Chalema Tanzania Safaris is a proud member of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators. He gained many accreditations for their dedicated service & accomplishment. He had more than 12 years of experience in commitment to promoting responsible tourism practices. For more information about their offering, visit

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