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121 Air Sea Cargo Ltd is fueled by cutting-edge technology. It enables businesses to manage their orders independently and monitor them in real-time. They drive efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness with a skilled team and advanced tools. They use cutting-edge technology and a competent professional team to provide the best customer experience in global logistics. They dedicate their time to enhancing the air cargo service. For this, they employ advanced air shipping technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. The team of professionals at 121 Air Sea Cargo Ltd work hard to provide customers with the smartest air shipping solutions. They pick the best possible facilities provided by a third-party partner. They strive to fulfil clients’ requirements with uncompromised quality.

121 Air Sea Cargo Ltd is the smartest air cargo service provider in Dubai & UK. They are backed by a professional team committed to developing the most advanced air shipping service. They have a wide range of networks working with some of the best shipping lines, transport companies, warehouses, etc. They handle all your supply chain, shipments, cargo, and freight for peace of mind. 121 Air Sea Cargo Ltd constantly strives to transform the shipping industry through its air cargo service platform. They make freight forwarding as easy and stress-free as possible for customers.

A few words from a spokesperson of 121 Air Sea Cargo Ltd during an interview “121 Air Sea Cargo Ltd is an innovation that aims to transform global shipping and supply chains. We strive to eliminate traditional freight forwarding challenges and offer a seamless air cargo service, & air shipping solution. We work with the ambition to be the world’s smartest air cargo service provider. The journey of our air cargo service epitomises innovation, ambition, and customer-centricity”

He further added “We offer a fair platform that links all transport firms to eliminate obstacles and generate economic possibility. Our extensive network of air cargo services delivers enhanced speed, flexibility, and cost savings to our customers. We provide you with efficient processes, transparent pricing, and real-time tracking facility. We offer a user-friendly digital platform to help you monitor and manage all your shipments in one place. We support emerging, established and new brands who wish to deliver their best brand experiences.”

About the company

121 Air Sea Cargo Ltd is a leading air cargo service provider in UAE & UK incorporated in 2013! They are known for their unbeatable rates for shipments, maximising value without compromising quality. They have a dedicated support team who are a click away to address any questions or concerns promptly.

Contact Details:

Dubai Office

Suite no. 115, First Floor Lootah Building Al-Qusais, Dubai, U.A.E.

Phone: 97142252092


UK Office

18-24 Brighton Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR2 6AA, UK

Phone: 44(0)20 83131777